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Mk 1 airbox

What a job I had changing my air filter yesterday. I thought it would take about 5 mins but the cylindrical airbox on the mk1 172 is an absolute pig to take off. Everything is so squashed in the engine bay that I had to take out the battery, loosen off some brackets and eventually force of the air pipe from the top of the engine so I could open thye top of the airbox. Must be one of the reasons it was changed on the mk2.

Did you buy a replacement air filter then? If so which one and have you noticed any benefit? I was considering an induction kit but the original filter is forced air from the front vents anyway (which probably does the same job!).
  CTR EK9 turbo

Maybe next time if you remove both the pipes from the side of the airbox and then undo the clips it would be easier? Then leave the pipes off and enjoy a cool induction noise!


I got a pipercross foam filter to go in as a replacement. To be honest there isnt a great deal of difference. Seems to pull a bit harder - especially in third and fourth but nothing substantial. I think once I have got a new exhaust and a hillpower chip we will see some serious performance gains!


I tried to take the two pipes off at the side but they were pretty tough as well because of the steel bracket that gets in the way. Im always paranoid about using too much force so just decided to loosen off a few bits instead. What mods are you running mate?

  CTR EK9 turbo

Hi, no mods at the moment - apart from new door speakers. I did have a group N ecu in there but it was drinking too much petrol and i am using the car to commute to uni and dont have enough money! its for sale if you know anyone who might be interested!!! ;)

Yeah, they take a bit of persuading, those pipes - but once youve got them removed it sounds amazing! cheaper than any induction kit! and you can put it back to normal when you want to drive normally.

I know what you mean about disconnecting the battery! i didnt know what my code was until i looked at an old bill from the Renault garage which had it on for some reason. It doesnt say it in my radio instruction booklet/warranty thingy.