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Mk 3 clio extreme gt special edition bodywork repair

  Renault Clio Mk3
I have had my mk3 clio extreme gt special edition for nearly a year now and need to get my front bumper fixed. Can anyone recommend a good body shop in the Midlands area as I don't know if it would be easier to get it repaired or look at getting a new front bumper.
I have never seen another car like mine so don't know how available a front end would be.
See pic for front bottom left repair.
Any help is greatly appreciated cheers.


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send a pic so we can see what it is you have as there is no such thing as an extreme GT special edition. And someone will be able to help with the best way to go about repairing

if its a clio Extreme it will look like this...

if its a clio GT it will look like this...

Neither are a special edition or limited edition etc
  Renault Clio Mk3
I've only ever seen 1 other car like mine, it was on a car selling site and was described as a clio extreme gt edition. To be honest I have no idea what it is really.


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Download the MyRenault app and pop your vin in, it will tell you what the car is and what options it had from new


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To be honest I have no idea what it is really.
I'm not sure anyone will be able to help you either..

It doesn't appear to be an original bumper, as per Martin's photos.

It also appears to have mk2 wheels and some stickers.

None of this was on it when it left the factory.

As per Adey - probably your best bet is to download that app and then source the correct parts, depending what your plans are of course.

Otherwise any body shop should be able to 'fix' the damage on that lower section.

Have you checked to see what's under what looks like the broken stick on front thing ?! Probably just the normal bumper, and it won't look so.. erm..... Interesting.
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That's a Clio Extreme, and I BELIEVE that was one of the "renault accessory" body kits - I remember seeing a few of them local with the same kit, same chequered flags on the side and most had some sort of wolfrace 17" wheels