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Mk II 172 - Slipping Clutch

My Mk II 172 is now 11 Months old and has done 15,000 miles. I have noticed on a number of occassions that the clutch is starting to slip, particularly for example when in 3rd gear and then accelerating quite hard. Anybody else encountered this on their 172, I want to go armed with other examples so I dont get fobbed off by my garage.



Once when dumping the cluth at the lights, the clutch pedel slipped on the pawl and locked at the bottom. This moved my bite up by 1.5 inchs and gave me slip in all gears. Took it to my local garage and they reset the pedel. Only problem i have ever had.

Mine has done 5500 miles and I noticed at the weekend that the clutch seemed to slipping, especially in the same circumstances ie 3rd gear and hard accelerating. If it continues to do it, its going back to the garage.

Is that what caused the slight crunch from 2nd to 3rd and the whine from 3rd to 4th when launching????!?!?!

Is the clutch not disengaging properly?