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Mk1 172 De-cat

  172, Westfield
Is it best to get silenced or unsilenced or is there no difference other than noise?
Will a silenced decat still make the car a bit louder with my k-tec stealth as I feel it is a bit quiet!!
Which is the best on the market or are they all similar?
  RenaultSport clio 172 mk1
Hi mate, ive not long fitted a kt racing de cat to my 172, its unsilenced. It has made it slightly louder mid range but this is only noticable when you floor the throttle, its made a big difference to the performance though, and get the occasional pop now and then, if your into that sort of thing, sounds wicked. Hope this helps mate
  Chocolate Bar™
i'll be going to yozzasport for mine when i take the plunge. technically its just a piece of pipe, but i want a piece with nice welds :approve:
I wish it was just a bit of pipe...

I've sold many Janspeed ones, no complaints.

(The K-Tec one is a Janspeed btw)
  Evo4, MITO, 172 TTV6
I had a unsilenced one on my mk1, it made it a lot louder and better throttle response. I think there is only noise difference between the 2