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mk1 172 engine noise

ive got a real ropey noise coming from my engine sounds like the bearings in the water pump! booked in for tomorrow morning, anyone else had probs with this?

I had a problem with my Exclusive. The water pump had broken. Was a nasty metalic knocking noise when it was on idle. Sorted now but the dealer took over 2 days to find the problem and sorted. Needless to say I was not impressed with their service..
  172 Cup, Caterham R300

My mums mk2 started making a racket and it got louder as the warmer it got, they reckon it is something to do with a bearing on the cam, in this case.

My Mk1 had the water pump changed after it made a funny noise. It stopped the noise, but two months later the same noise reappeared.

Garage was adament the water pump is not the problem this time, though I beg to differ as its the same noise before they changed it for the first time.

They changed it free of charge even though it was out of warrenty so it must be a fairly common problem I guess