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MK1 172 idle problem

  1.4 Fiesta!!!

This doesnt happen all the time but when it does its very annoying.

Ill stop at a junction, lights, whatever and the revs will idle at 2000rpm! It actually went higher the other day and I couldnt get it into first to pull away. The only quick way to stop it over reving is to just tap the accellerator. Then the revs will drop back down to 1000rpm.

Im confused because this was a problem with my previous car but I never got it fixed. Anyone got any advice? Is it the car allowing for the cold weather and trying not to stall, or is it just my driving. One thing I do tend to do is ride the clutch, or push it down too early when stopping, so that could be the problem.

Anyone had the same problem?

I havent experienced it on my MK1 and it does sound like a cable problem.

I remember plenty of people talikng about it on the old egroups / yahoo groups. Ive pasted a couple of posts from there in case your not on it. Only one person with a solution that I could see and I personally wouldnt fancy putting oil down the cable. Seemed to work for a few people though.

Hi there all,

I read a while back about a problem with throttle
cables sticking...

My mk1 has just hit 4500m and evry now and then the
throttle sticks at 2500 revs... The fix i have heard
is to apply some lubricant to the cable..

Has anyone had a similar problem...or can explain how
best to carry this out...

Any help would be greatly appreciated .



I have the same problem - its occasionally sticking at 1500-2000 revs when I
take my foot off the pedal. If you then lift the throttle pedal then it
returns to idle. Obviously not really practical when driving...

Great - Thanks, Ive fixed mine now too - much better now that I can
accelerate smoothly.


Ive done it without taking it into the dealers again for the new
cable they said I needed. I can definitely say it is possible to have
a perfectly functioning accelerator with no sticking or jerkiness.
Cant believe the difference it has made to driving the car - finally
able to balance it on the throttle in corners and accelerate smoothly
in traffic at low speeds with small throttle openings.

To cure it I firstly doused the mechanism (disc thingy) on the engine
side of the cable with thin oil covered the round spring and stuff.
Then I covered the exposed bit of the cable with oil. Finally, and I
think this is what cured it - just back from the clamp (engine side)
the cable goes into some kind of black damper (squirted some oil in
that for good measure) and then into a rubber sleeve with a coiled
metal protective sheath inside that. I carefully moved the rubber
sleeve out of the way exposing the coiled protective sheath. I then
bent this part (Be careful! not too much as youll knacker it!)
slightly to open up the coils allowing access to the actual cable
inside and then poured as much oil in as I could whilst holding it
downwards so the oil drained down the cable towards the accelerator
cable. After doing this I pressed the accelerator several times and
repeated the procedure 3 times. Hey presto - bloody fantastic -
cured, smooth as silk. Seemed to take about 10-15mins for the oil to
work its magic.

Happy bunny in case you cant tell!

Youve got to try it! Seems most people are driving round with sticky
accelerators. Sod the dealers do it yourself!!!!!
  1.4 Fiesta!!!

Cheers mate Ill give that a go, it does sound like it is a sticky cable.

Not too sure about the description on how to do it though, seems a bit vague...:confused:

Ill mess around with it see what I can do, thanks again!