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Mk1 172-sticky accelerator + heavy clutch

Please help me!

The accelerator pedal on my 172 Mk1 is really sticky! Its difficult to drive the car smoothly. Also my clutch is really heavy. The car has 25.000 miles on the clock. Ive just had both cables changed but it hasent made any difference. I have used a can of wd-40 but to no avail.

Any suggestions?

thatll be the high bite point on the clutch - difficult to get used to and yeah my accelerator is sticky in the mornings too when its cold!

I had a sticky accelerator pedal on mine. I followed the cable (from the engine side down) and about 10 inches down found that it was lodged between some other pipes. Anyway, I pulled it clear so that it hang loose and the difference was very noticeable. The pedal feels much lighter and its much easy to drive.