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Mk2 172- How to get best 0-60

  320d M Sport

Or 1/4 mile or 0-100 for that matter. Going to York on Sunday so would appreciate everyones thoughts and comments. At the mo I reckon on a granny start then floor it? Otherwise I just end up smoking my front tyres...:mad:

  172 & LCR

Practice makes perfect and youll get plenty of that at York and with 17.4 id say you need it, my PB is 14.9 running 17 in rims and a Magnex back box so theres you target figure for Sunday let me know how you do Id be there but Im working on Sunday watch out for 2 live that willy sure is quick but he only wieghs about 2 stone so it should have a good day hope the weather is kind.
  Silver Fabia vRS

Trev_m - I think you need to read paddys signature again! It says 0-100 in 17.4 not 1/4 mile in 17.4! I would say that is fairly quick!
  320d M Sport


How weird is this........

They kinda come back to life after a few days but just yesterday felt very dodgy again, should be okay for tomm but Ill be et Renault Monday for sure....

Looks like Rain BTW :mad:

  williams and trophy

trev mate shame u cant make it tom.

still neva raced u lol

maybe next year...

as for a good launch id say keep the revs low..bout 1500-2000 rpm (difrent in the 1.8 valvers) then feed clutch in slowly ......then boot it til u hit the limiters in 1st ..jus let it bounce off em a couple of times to get a better drive in 2nd...hope this helps