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Mk2 172s - Which way do your door sill trims face

Hi all,

I had to have my renaultSport door sill trims replaced recently, and due to a reno c**k-up ended up with a new, spare set, which i have sold on to a workmate.

He asked me which way round they were fitted to my car, and we then discovered that they could be fitted either way round.

Each one has a straight, angled end and a round, curved end.

On my car, after the reno muppets had a go at it, the straight, angled ends are facing towards the front of the car.

Are yours? I just wanted to check they were the right way round.



Thanks guys,

But the renaultsport can be the right way round, which ever way you put them on.

Id just like to know whether the straight, angled end is pointing towards the front, or if it is the rond, curved end.



Thanks for that.

The reno mupps did put mine on the wrong way round. Fools.

Cant be arsed to get the swapped round tho