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mk2 17cm speaker adapters

  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

Has anyone made up any adapters to space out the mk2 speaker pods so that they will accept bigger speakers?

If so could you tell me how you did it! Or better still put up some pics.



all you will need is a spacer ring made from MDF, and make the aperture a little wider, other than that, its straight forward

Yep, went down to the car audio shop and bought a couple of MDF rings. Simple as that. I bolted the rings to the door and bolted the speakers to the rings. No probs.

I have Boston Pro 6.5" splits in there... cant remember exactly, but theyre pretty deep, so I had to cut the plastic at the back too.

  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

Cool. Im going to give it a go today. If it all goes to rat sh*t I might be calling on some pics of what it should look like!!