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MK2 Clio Campus rear tail light cluster mystery wire?

  Clio Campus Sport
After taking the rear tail light clusters off of my MK2 Clio Campus Sport to clean out the dirt, I noticed that the drivers side tail light cluster had an extra wire hardwired into it as well as the usual wiring plug which can be disconnected. Taking the bulb assembly out, there is a wire soldered directly onto the board just below the top bulb, think its the fog light. Tracing it back through, it looks like it has been spliced into the ground wire which is bolted to the rear of the car. I was wondering if anyone would know why this would be done? I have attached a picture to this post


  • Clio Tail light cluster.jpg
    Clio Tail light cluster.jpg
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  Clio Campus Sport
botch job because someone couldn't sort it out properly.

That's what i thought. Do you think they've done that since there was a bad ground, no way really to test if that wire does anything apart from cutting it is there? Just makes it awkward to change any of the bulbs since the bulb cluster cannot be fully disconnected from the car


ClioSport Club Member
  dan's cast offs.
open the top of the plug up where it fits in the cluster, it just flips up, then crimp the terminal on the black wire down a bit, that will sort the earth.