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Mk3 blower stopped working :(


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I've been driving my dads Clio 138 Dynamique a bit as I've had some stuff to carry around.

The heater blower has died, but here's the weird thing. I turned off the a/c, turned all of the dials round, put the a/c back on again and it started working fine. It was fine after some stop / start a few times, but on the fourth time of starting it up, it wasn't working again. I tried what I did the first time round, but nothing.

Before this it worked some of the time, but not really on number 2. The a/c is gassed up and works fine as it was only done a few weeks ago.

I had a brief look on the internet over the weekend & people were saying that it's a green resistor up under the dash, above the centre console ?
If it's not that what is is ? I'm yet to check the fuses.
Will it be a pain the arse to do ?


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This is doing nothing. Weird as it was like that, I had it working for a bit, then it packed in again :(


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I thought I'd update this, it turned into a bit of a saga! I bought the harness, gave it to him and he replaced it. It worked fine, but packed up again around Christmas time, so he barely used the car.
He got round to it and found out that one of the plug holes had burnt out. The bit it plugs into (the board with the resistor on it) was burnt too.

I bought a replacement harness from the same seller as last time, it was slightly different. The wires were a lot thinner and bendy, on the first one I bought they were thicker and stiffer (didn't bend at all) I took that round to him and he decided the second harness didn't look as good so he didn't want to use it.
I bought a replacement resistor bit from a different seller as no seller seemed to sell both parts.
I bought another harness from a different seller, this one has different colour and different thickness wires and looked a lot better. That one didn't plug in properly:mad: Not into the replacement resistor part, or the original one from the car.

After getting annoyed with it all, he bit the bullet and bought both bits from Renault. Price wise they were £114 :cry: but he wanted to be certain that they would work properly and that it would fit together. They do and it's working fine. Happy days!!
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New genuine item bought as it has the correct thickness of wires and they are now doubled also to handle the heat / current as renault seen there was an issue with these. A cheap ebay item was looked at but after being told by my specialist that the OE item had been changed for the reason of them blowing I went with the OE item.

Take a look at the thickness of the wires and they fact some have two wires coming off them
Heater Plug 01.JPG

Heater Plug 02.JPG

Heater Plug 05.JPG

Heater Plug 06.JPG