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Mk3 Clio Tailgate / Boot Switch Problem?

  RS200 Clio Cup
I've got an RS200 Cup with something wrong with the boot.

1. When I unlock the doors, the boot also opens.
2. The boot has opened a couple of times while driving.
3. The rubber thing at the bottom of the tailgate that I assume is a button that's supposed to release the boot doesn't seem to do anything when pressed.
4. If I push the button on the remote to open the boot, then close it, then unlock the doors, the boot will not open as in 1., for the unlocking action immediately after this.

I had a bit of a search and it looks like I'm not the only one with boot issues but the symptoms seem a bit different to normal.

Is the likeliest culprit the switch, or is it more like some kind of configuration issue? Can I fix it by holding down a combination of remote buttons and holding my tongue a certain way?

Can anyone post a diagram or photos of the components in the boot switch/latch/solenoid etc system?

How much does a switch cost in the UK?

  RS200 Clio Cup
Trouble is I have shipped the car ~10,000 miles away from the dealer. S'pose it won't hurt to ask my local stealer.