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MK3 Key Fob problem

  Clio Mk3 1.2 Turbo
Recently picked up my Clio World Series MK3 from a Ebay sale upgrading from a MK2, the problem is now the unlock button on the fob needs so much force on it just to unlock (wasn't like this when I bought). All the other buttons on the fob work without a problem. I decided to take a drive to Renault to see if they could just repair the button, as everything else is fine. But they said I would need a complete new key... £150 odd :mad:
So now I'm really thinking about just fixing it myself, but I can't find any guides of how to take the fob a part without breaking it. Really had enough of standing by my car for 15 seconds just trying to unlock it... getting some dodgy looks by people walking past :nono: If anyone could help me out that would be great :dapprove:
  Clio16v/225 Trophy
STOP going in to hulk mode with it before you properly break the switches from the PCB!

Ideally you need a new key but these can be serviced - What is not happening is the cap on the inside of the keyfob button is not impacting on the actual button as it has worn away. You need something thin and small to go inbetween the two parts that will not compress (I use an old Blockbuster video card and some scissors) and this will restore button function... you are only delaying the inevitable though which is you need a new key.
  Clio Mk3 1.2 Turbo
I accpeted that I might have to buy a new key so I thought I may as well just open it, even if it breaks... And yeah problem solved. Popped the fob open with a pen knife where the keyring goes. The rubber that makes the connection to the switch has cracked so I folded a tiny piece of paper and placed it inside the rubber, so it was rubber -> paper inbetween -> switch. All buttons work and I don't need to go two finger hulk mode on it anymore. Saved £150, just depends if it will last... Thanks for your reply!
  Clio16v/225 Trophy
It's always the flip keys that do this to - I'd advise you upgrade the paper to a non-compressible material though but I have to keep telling the wife not to be so heavy with hers to as it'll be me that has to foot the bill for a new fob AND put up with her "I told you French cars were unreliable" rubbish.