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Mk3dci vibration sound problems


  PD130 Peach
Hi, just got back from an airport run, set off at 3am :|, and when i got near to newcastle, pulled up at a roundabout and i hear/feel a bad vibration at idle, after being sat at 120 for a bit on the private stretch of road that i found on the way to the airport...

Anyway, get to airport, park up, horrible metal on metal clatter when i turn it off...

Get back in, rattle rattle, but once it revs noise and vibration goes away.

Then stop for some breakfast, on idle, and suddenly no noise or clatter. then it came back when i stopped again later...

Not DMF as i just know its not, no clutch slip or more pedal vibration than normal...

Thinking engine mount or gearbox mount? but seems odd for it to go to fine to fecked in 30 miles... Will have to get some one to rock engine when im in the car to further investigate... anyone had similar things? Ideas?


  PD130 Peach
Sorry to bump my thread but the hour I put this on I don't think anyone saw it haha.