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More crazy kitted/painted clios....

um...i think the only good thing in any of those pics is the towel on the floor in the 1st pic.
  7.6cc :D

I think its one of those things where you wouldnt do it to your own car.............but you admire other people for having a go!

You have to give them credit for being different, and i do like the first one :oops:

Spot on Jilly!! :D

I can totally appreciate the skill at least that went into the various paint jobs, but wouldnt for a second dream of doing that to my clio!!

As for the kits the only one i quite like is the top blue clios front bumper which looks pretty good.

Looks like they still need to go over the primer in the red one.

He obviously sprayed it, took the masking tape off and went "Whoops!":eek: