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Most expensive MOT ever?

Front pads and discs £277
Exhaust mount £45
Handbrake adjustment £25
Xenon light fix £291
MOT £50

Thats £688, and they also recommended changing the rear discs!

Time for a new car...
My nearside xenon only worked when it wanted to, it was either the bulb or power pack, both are expensive at over £250 fitted (from Renault anyway!).

I always thought the brakes were scary, the guy told me a bit of the front disc was missing LOL! I wanted to buy Yozzasports entry level brake upgrade but i have to get it sorted today really.
ouch, i can get pads and discs for £40!
I'm assuming the lights were the whole light fitting? xenon lamps are £20 a pair arent they?
Handbrake and exhaust can be done yourself if your technically minded.
You got reamed out on discs and pads, i paid about £90 inc vat for a set of OE ones from a main dealer then fitted them myself.
Mate, if i was technically minded i wouldn't have £700 worth of bill in the first place, i'm retarded.

Please don't depress me with your super cheap costs. The problem is it has to be done today, time is money and all that!
  Civic Vtec y0
They charged you £25 to adjust the handbreak when they were already shafting you for everything else they done??? They shud adjust the fecking handbreak for free!
  Burgandy 174 sport t
come on now pads and discs is the easiest job goin, takes longer to jack the car up and get the wheel off
There is a good garage in westbury that charges £25 for an mot and i got a free retest afta needin about £500 worth of work (sub frame had a hole in it ???)
  naples valver
if u can wait til sat mate il do all that work for u, u just get the bits and i fit them for no where near that price!!!im a mechanic and have access to my gararge on sats to do private work if ur interested pm me??it will save u hundrands if u can hold out til sat?;)

To be honest it's nice to have a car with no warning lights on for once, and i didn't realise just how bad the brakes were!

Fortunately the MAP sensor problem was due to a loose connection and the light worked when they tested it, so i 'only' paid £450 when i picked it up.

Stress over at least!