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Most powerful in your class

I think it would be a good Idea to find out who has the most powerful clio in there class (Also should start a good debate!)

So who has the most powerful:







So it doesnt matter if its a 1.4 16v or an rt, or if its a willy or a 172.

We have already got a table of rr results in the members section so I thought it would be better to have split ones where us non 172 or willy owners can compare like for like
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

sounds like a good topic to me! dont know what my 172 is putting out yet, when do you reckon is the best time to have it tested? its on 2.8k now. Want to know how its run in.

I reckon Danny/Paul and myself have the most powerful 2.0 - 186bhp ATFW - I take it were measuring at the wheels - dont really matter any way coz the losss will be the same or thereabouts for most modern engines due to friction and heat etc. I have the most powerful 1600........137BHP at the wheels............

joint 1st most powerful 1.2 16v with FredDynamique

72.2bhp ATW

and yes, the rollers did seem very generous
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Quote: Originally posted by CUPSIZE? on 21 February 2003

I reckon Danny/Paul and myself have the most powerful 2.0 - 186bhp
How did you measure that Tim? Unusual to have 3 all the same...

No im only using Pauls as a go by so to speak - must get mine tested but dont know any rollers over here - wait till i get the Grp N filter in and then Ill see but |I reckon the cups are pretty much even across the board power wise!

from what i have seen the cups do produce more power than standard 172s

possible down to the a/c using some engines power to power the unit

Well mine is stadard at the mo so I guess its 110 bhp getting it RRed soon so ill know for sure.

CUPSIZE where do you get these group N filters from?


I think Sluggers Cup is the most powerful cup - worked out at 200+ ATFW or something, heh.


You cant acurately, but the best youll get is going on an RR that does run down, where once the car has reached peak revs its thrown into neutral and the rollers calulate the resistance of the running gear as everything slows down again, this figure can then be used to estimate your flywheel figure, but it is only an estimate at best, and a complete lie at worst :eek:

We need to have a dyno day, where a team of trustworthy mechanics take our engines out and run them on a test bench, then we can get acurate flywheel figures LoL :p (Oh, and of course put them back in again, once Ive pinched the best one ;))
  Renault Laguna Coupe

LOL! THen we weigh each car and calculate what our optimum quarter-mile time should be.

Trouble is my incompetence at drag-racing would then be clear for all to see :confused:

i was told that a semi base accurate equation to work out ATFW figure is ATW+10 divided by 0.9. Use by the puma racing team.

mine was 157atw, so that equation makes it 185.5 atfw and my graphs showed 186bhp so they were semi accurate. ish! i see what roamers sayin tho. but its hard to compare RRs.

i think Sluggers is bout 192-3bhp atfw, with that calculation. on the basis i think it was 163 atws

So he does seem to be the highest! :(
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Nothing that would lead me to believe that 188 is accurate really (although you never know I suppose). Magnex cat-back, Pipercross filter, Cliosport sticker and Silvervision bulbs. I always said the sticker was worth 10bhp - wow I was right! One of the Cups came out almost the same as mine on Saturday, and Wayne got a few hp more.

I guess that unless you do a RR session before you do any of the mods you never know what you had to start with.
  320d M Sport

mine was 152 @ Wheels at RE in Bury. Ill be proving that at york with a bit of luck!! Thats where it counts eh?!!

My willy hits 166.8 bhp with heavy wheels and normal petrol.....I would say Leighs is the most powerful Willy here at 173 bhp. Dunno if I come 2nd or what ?.


<flame suit on>

Am I the only person thinking this is utter rollocks? :confused: Dont mean to cause any offense, but here goes!...

a) You cant compare outputs off different rollers!!!

Case in point: I got 131.5bhp ATW at John Nobles in Chesterfield over a year ago - yet I could stick like glue to the back of Mikes 159.3bhp ATW motor round Donnington and I aint a good driver! On a high-speed track like Donnington, my cars (slightly) taller gearing shouldve hurt me on acceleration down the straight, if anything - so I cant believe theres honestly a 27.8bhp difference between our cars... He should have destroyed me if those figures were actually comparable. They arent. Different rollers get wildly different figures - and dont forget that your car has good / bad days so maybe your car on the day was performing markedly better / worse than normal?

b) Cupsize says that "Danny/Paul and myself" have the most powerful at 186bhp, yet then says hes not even had his near the rollers - how the hell do you know what youve got then mate ;)??!! Also, how on earth did you get a 1.6 16v to put out 137bhp ATW then without a hefty dose of laughing gas? Thats surely around 180bhp ATFW - sh*t, even Renault can only get 220bhp out of it for their Super 1600 - your talents are clearly being wasted!

c) As was mentioned earlier, take out your air-conditioning compressor and youd be pretty surprised not to see around 5-6bhp increase in output. Hang on, what a surprise the Cups seem to put out a little more than most 172s... Whod have though eh? ;) If someone thinks the Cup engines are in some fashion mechanically different, I think theyre deluding themselves - the Cup is the cheaper model aimed at Trackday enthusiasts who dont want creature comforts, would Renault seriously take the Cup engines to one side and sprinkle magic dust on them? If there was an easy step to a stronger engine, theyd do it to all the cars, not just the cheaper ones...

<flame suit off>

All just my opinion, of course, feel free to disagree if you like... Im also in a rather bad mood, so sorry if its a little blunt! :oops:

  Clio Williams 1, 182,197


Sadly not mate !! I think you have to battle second position with 2live (jon)

or Craggy !!

Not even sure if mine is the top on here anyway !!

Oh and you missed my .7 !! Cheeky monkey you !! I know your trying to narrow the gap, by all means necessary !!
  williams and trophy

hehe well my willy was 149@ wheels at re

so 149+10=159

159/0.9= 176.6

most powerful?????????????
  mk2 172

lol at mat with the magic dust comment!

think anyone with a williams would be hard pressed to match jons figures, but hopefully well see at the rr day, especially as john nobles has a rep for realistic/low figures, if anyone, including some 172s can match his power. good thing is york is not long after the rr so it should be good for comparing rr notes and the power to weight ratios, im sure we can hook up some software to calculate our fastest 1/4 mile time.

maybe most of you should be shamed that my MK1 XR2 is putting out 150bhp from a 60 yr old 1.6ltr engine...LOL

unfortunately its not running though.....haha...:(.....two words....

Carb Fire

  mk2 172

well there was the 1.4 rt with nos and extensive engine work project, your well into fiddling with gas flow, and now your xr2 with 150 ponies, id say that qualifies you for the mad scientist dude off fast and furious!

LOL....just got a new 1760 block for the fezzy....EXTREEMELY rare to find a casting thick enought to take it....anyway, the pistons alone are over 500 quid!!!

matched to that, stepping up from the 40s to 45s.....larger capacity will allow me to move up from a 244 to a 254.....and im building a new head.

Wont be ready for a few months though....really aiming for 170bhp.....but ti wont come in till about 4500 rpm......wait till i tell you how much the crank costs!!!!!

Big up everybody who has the cojhones big enough to mess about.......
  mk2 172

bloody ell, my williams engine in the long run needs to be worked on, wanna get the body immaculate first and steering rack, clutch, mounts, already have gearbox. then i want about 190-200 horses. dreaming atm tho. would be rather cool having a huge induction roar a 800rpm or summat daft if thats possible on the 2.0

more than......

220bhp on the willy motor is not hard nor is it overly stressing the motor too much. The old formula Renaults used to run 220bhp F7Rs, but they now run 190bhp F4Rs.....poo...

The sport spiders also ran the same 220 engine.....very fun cars.
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197


Well mate if i apply the same formular to work out at the fly figure i get

150 bhp +10 =160 / 0.9 =1777.777778

So me thinks that formular is out !!