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MOT Incoming

  172 Flamer
MOT is up for renewal mid July and there are two things that I know it won't pass on.

1. The dreaded Serv/Airbag light
2. Headlight washers

Regarding the Serv/Airbag light I have had it plugged in and it states that airbags have been deployed etc (I know they have not) so I'm guessing it's a new computer required, anyone have an idea at how much one costs?

I have managed to deduce that the headlight washers are an electrical fault (fun afternoon taking the wipers off etc and playing with the washer bottle and pumps). Has anyone else experienced this? Could it be a relay that is broken (and if so where would I get a new one and find out which one it is)? If it comes to it I will fit standard headlights, I am guessing these are just plug and play?