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Mot Quick Question Pls!!!

  Astra SRi T
taking my car for MOT tomorrow, i read on here a while bk that it will fail with silver vision indicator bulbs in? could someone please confirm this and point out any other things which might cause it to fail with regards to slight modifcations
  Mk1 MX-5 next summer
shold be fine the rule for all lights r if they flash the colour its fine. Or is it they must display the right colour. nah should be fine


  BMW M3 & Williams 3
Before you take it in, take your car for a good raggin, helps with the emissions test, put the cat back on, check the CV gaitors for tears, check exhaust mounts

basicly check every thing, its unlikely you will get a free retest, so you might aswell check as much as you can.
  Astra SRi T
ive changed all the indicator bulbs bk to original, and side lights bk as they were blue before. but now after fidling around one of break light bulbs isnt working, ive checked it, it seems to have the filiment still intact but just not working, there did seem to be white powdery stuff on the socket bit like it was corroded, new bulb? or something more:S
  Mégane RS
my Silvervisions have always passed, dont think they bother you unless it doesnt blink orange or your headlights are too blue


mine has always passed with...bluevision indicators, LED sidelights (illegal), front tints (slightly illegal), and also passed with a slightly altered number plate.
god just read what they check gonna give my car a proper clean over before it goes in lol just hope it pases gotta have my cv boot replaced to on passenger side not this saturday but next argh first mot ever and first mot with engine conversion! haha fun fun