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Muc-Off Ubershine

  Ollie's Silver Cup
Afternoon! I thought I'd write a short review of a product I've used for the first time today; Muc-Off Ubershine shampoo.

A couple of days back I was asked by a mate to give it a go, as his place are currently/thinking about selling it.

First thing to notice, the 'subtle' bright pink appearance;


For the past however many month I've been using dodo juice supernatural shampoo when cleaning the cup and think it's great. Considering the Muc-Off is at the cheaper end of car cleaning chemicals, I thought I'd be disappointed with the finish/result.

I was very much mistaken, I'm amazed by the results; especially when considering it's available for about £6-7 a bottle online. It's one of those products that very much 'does what it says on the tin' by leaving the car with a deep and very high gloss looking shine.

Opening the bottle, although given it's bright pink appearance I was half expecting it smell like bubblegum, it smells of apples! Given the fact it was pretty cold outside, I was happy to read that it should be diluted with warm water. :approve: It produced lovely thick suds, which is something I personally prefer with shampoos.

So, I cleaned the car using exactly the same technique I would normally. I snowfoamed first and then cleaned the car using the Muc-Off product and a wash mitt. The only downside, was that it doesn't dilute as much as some other products (such as the dodo juice supernatural) meaning you have to use more product; however, given the price of it, that's no concern in all honesty.

As above, very impressed with the results. I pulled the car into the garage and got a few reflection shots to share;




So, if you want a shampoo that's bright pink, smells of apples and is reasonably priced, I'd strongly consider this one. :star:
  225 Cup & Williams
Looks like a good finish from it I used to use muc-off on my mountain bikes never knew they did car stuff.
  Clio 200 cup
Look I on side of the bottle in the pic it ses ph balanced formula so at a guess I think it is :)
Would have been my first question, but answered above.

Looks good chap. Let us know how it continues to perform.
  Ollie's Silver Cup
As mentioned above, it states it's a ph balanced formula

It also says that it contains no harmful acids, CFC's or solvents :)
  Bumder With A Buffer
We are in a hard water area Todd.

I get horrid watermarks..luckily it doesnt show up that much on silver! On the old Clio it was shocking.
  Ollie's Silver Cup
I live in a hard water area too.

One of things I noticed about this muc-off stuff is that it contains water softeners to reduce/eliminate spots.

You don't generally get them on silver all that much though, so I can't say how well this works.
  Bumder With A Buffer
But they are in a soft water area!?!?! ????????

Ours around here is also very limey (is that even a word!)
  Arctic 182 FF
Can you use this as a snowfoam? As i use it in the bucket at the minute but ive just purchased a pressure washer :)
Nice use of the search. The model CS user.

You can technically use any shampoo as a foam. They might not stick or foam as well. I'd stick to tried and tested foams.
  Arctic 182 FF
Nice use of the search. The model CS user.

You can technically use any shampoo as a foam. They might not stick or foam as well. I'd stick to tried and tested foams.

always search first fella ;-)

Seen you post on quite a few detailing threads, what foam would you recommend?..going to visit the local halfrauds tomorrow after work
Good man. Foam wise I would suggest Meguiars Hyper Wash but it's only available online (unless you live close to an online shop's warehouse!). Also good as a pH neutral shampoo and APC.