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Multiple Clio 172 Phase 1 Projects.


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Given I have a few project threads on the go it made sense to merge these two PH1s into one thread as they both came from the same owner.

So, just got my hands on two PH1s, one Iceburg with a genuine 32k on the clock and a Titanium with 62k on the clock. The Iceburg has been parked up since 2006 and the Titanium since 2011.

Both cars are original throughout however the Iceburg was a Cat C within the first year of being on the road. I have gone over this car thoroughly for accident damage and it would have to be significant to write it off however I can't find any structure repairs/damage. Plus the panels are all original as is the paint excluding the roof. However the drivers widow has been replaced at some point as it does not carry the Renault markings which leads me to believe it might have been stolen recovered however I can't see that being put down as a C when it should be a D.

Anyhow no bother as the body work is very good for it's age putting aside some lacquer peel on the bonnet and roof. The owner I got the car from decided he would carry out a cambelt change back in 2005 and realised when it was dismantled it was past his expertise, so he simply left it parked since.

Here are some pics....


Once the car was home I gave the exterior a well deserved clean and checked the inner arches before I went any further.


Next was to sort out the swimming in water front foot wells. Checked the outer scuttle panel drains and they were OK, moved onto the center drain and it was blocked at the bottom, once cleared waster pissed out.


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Now for the Titanium, when I arrived to sort deal with the Iceburg I spotted another PH1 at the back (lucky or what), it was hard to see the condition of the car as it was caked in s**t and blocked in however I struck a deal and got both of them.

Pic from the day.

IMG_1597 (1).jpg

As with the other Phase 1 first thing was first, get the bugger started which I did within the hrs after flushing the fuel, fresh fuel, new battery, and a few other issues which I had to sort which could of cost me the engine within a few minutes. Next was the clean and inner arches check, arches look great however one side might need a little clean up.

IMG_1753 (2).jpg
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So what's the plan?

Simply get them back on the road looking great! They will bother under go a full suspension/bush refresh along with belts and other major service items including tyres, discs, pads etc.

If I like the end result enough I will sell the VTS and keep these two or I may sell the Titanium as I love a clean Iceburg. Watch this space.....


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They will be very nice examples when I'm done as the base to work off is perfect.


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So how many are in the Clio museum now then Ant? Kudos for saving them from being broken though, if anyone can save them it's you👍.
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  Sunflower Ph1
Both look great Ant and least not heading for the scrapyard.
However.... Does this mean I don't get my pair of seats now??


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Just when I think war torn cities are the worst place to live on Earth, Imagine living next to these clampets!
Fcuking state of the place. View attachment 1446339

I know, street was really nice and this was dumped in the middle. The farther is a hoarder and the kids are clearing it all out. The house is something else.....

Worked out alright for me though 😂


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Pair of dolomites those I think, unless theres a spitfire even deeper? Madness! Theyll be very far gone now, rust quicker than ph1s does British leyland steel

Yeah it’s past those two in the bush somewhere.....


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Collecting of parts ready for the iceburg. Hard to find let alone low mile parts.

All I need now is the inlet plastic elbow and that’s the missing bits sorted. Slow going but that’s how it is!



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If all goes right picking this up for the iceburg. All fresh, low miles, and shinny.

197 cams, mapped and included keys, UCH and efi mapped ecu.