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Multiple speaker questions

I have a few questions:

1) I will be wiring up around 2-3 amps, do I need a wiring kit for each amp?
2) This kind of links to the first question will all 3 amps be wired directly to battery? if so will I need to upgrade my battery considering its going to be drawing alot more charge?
3)Can anyone tell if this is just for the one speaker or both?
4) If it is just for the one speaker why would this one be so much cheaper?

Thanks in advance :p
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why o why :(

if you are running 4 speakers you only need a 4 channel with 1 wiring kit and 2 rca leads

to run 3 amps you will be talking either a heavy gauge running through the car to a power distribution block and the wires coming from that

i was running a 400watt rms subwoofer on a standard battery with no power upgrades like the big 3 etc and i killed the sub due to the voltage taking a dive ( headlights was dimming etc )

the why o why at the beginning is because of the 6x9's or what ever them things are you don't need them atall as your the driver your better off spending your time and effort on the front door speakers as the last thing you want is to have too much noise coming from behind it will drain out the front speakers with ease

if you do want to upgrade you can either get/make spacers for the front and upgrade the front speakers to 6.5" component speakers and then fit 5.25" coaxial to the rear and a subwoofer to the boot

if your thinking of running alot of power please check the RMS rating as you need power to make power as in extra battery 0 gauge big 3 and if you go even bigger your talking higher amperage alternator and a battery bank
Well with a four channel amp I'd need to run 2 channels on a low fequency and the other two on a mid/high frequency? Is that possible?
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yea you should be fine if you even wanted to you can get a 5-6channel amp

as long as the amp has high pass filters and low pass filters on each 2 channels u will be fine as long as the amp is putting out enough power for the sub

i would personally have 2 amps 1 for the sub a nice mono block with decent specs and a 2-4 channel for the mids/highs
  1.2 16v clio
Thats what I was saying with 2 amps would I need to upgrade my battery?

if its a standard low ah battery and a 70a alternator then i would say yes lol

might be abit over the top but i would atleast get a bigger ah battery and do a wire upgrade consisting of upgrading the live from the alternator to the battery and 2 grounds from the battery to the chassis and the battery to the engine/gearbox

that should be more then enough with a small system

a question though what kind of set up are you going power wise?
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6x9s + subwoofers = waste of money, chavving a car up. Sorry but it isn't the 90s anymore!
Plus, having speakers like that in the parcel shelf and a subwoofer in the boot is NOT a good combination - you'll probably knacker the 6x9s over time.
I've had tho's 6x9s before and they are crap, also would stay away from vibe (just because of the high wattage dont mean anything).
6.5" speakers in the front and 5.25" coaxial to the rear and a subwoofer to the boot, perfect!!
1 amp would be best (5 channel) save on wiring, space and weight.

recommend JL Audio, focal, hertz, kicker, alpine

good luck and what ever u get hope u enjoy it!

yeah just save your money mate on the 6x9s there is a wide variety of door card speakers, keep your car clean and nonchav and have a subtle yet efective sound system
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I'm not having the 6x9's in the parcel shelf btw

Then where? The roof lining?

Seriously, no.
17cm Door components.
then if you really want to blow money, get some 17cm Mid-bass in the rears and ampo the lot of them.

Or, get 6x9's, a yozza exhaust and monster stickers