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mute clifford 600

hmm ok ive got a strange problem.

the concept 600 for some reason has gone mute. the 2 chirps when u lock it dont sound off, and the one chirp when u unlock it dont happen either.
the passenger door pin aint goin down when u lock the car either, so u can open the door to the car when the clifford is armed, but then instead of bein deafened by the siren, as i said above - its mute.

see thing is, i come out my house today and blipped it, nothing......just flashes. then drive it 4 miles up the road and lock it up, 2 blips like normal. left it for 3 mins, unlocked it, normal 1 blip. then drove it back those 4 miles and stopped at the petrol stn, still working fine. got home which is like 1 min round the corner parked up thining all will be ok and nothing, no chirps to lock, door pin dont wanna go down - arrghhhhhhhhhhh

do u think it could be the alt?

any ideas?