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My 1.2 16V Campus from France - built not bought

  Clio 2.4 1.2 16V
Hello everyone !

I'm from France and active on French Clio forums, but wanted to come here to share with UK people because there are more non-Sport modified than in France and I'm tired to see dCis everywhere. :p Please excuse me if my English is not perfect, I do my best. ;)

I had my Clio 4 years ago and performed many mods on it since. :) It was 10k miles when I bought it, now 65k miles. I perform all maintenance and mods on it myself, whereas I had not done any mechanics before.

Here's a list of the mods :

Chassis :
- Bilstein B8 - Eibach Sportline -45/-30 (had Pro-kit fitted before, but not anymore rake with these...)
- Front and rear OMP strut braces
- Front camber correction bolts and rear camber shims (-1°30' all around)
- 16mm Bratex hubcentric spacers all around, nuts and studs
- dCi anti-roll bars (thicker than stock 1.2 16V ones)
- Rear brake discs system from dCi 100
- Front Brembo Max discs - Black Diamond fast road pads all around

Engine :
- Green Wind forced intake
- Toyosports oil catch tank
- Oil temp gauge
- KTR supersports stainless stealth catback
- Kangoo subframe skidplate

Inside :
- Recaro Trendline buckets from RS2004 Team
- RS1 ball gear knob
- Full led white lighting with glovebox light and second boot light
- Pioneer self-amplified subwoofer under driver's seat

Outside :
- RS1 OZ F1 15" alloys
- Black surrounding halogen headlights
- Philips X-trem vision low beam bulbs
- Nokya high output yellow foglight bulbs
- DRLs using high beam at low power
- Front splitter
- Aero wipers

There would be way to much pics if I showed every mod, so don't hesitate to ask for pics if you want. ;)

Still have some plans for the Clio, it never ends... :D But not sure to do everything, it's more a wishlist than an to do list. :p Some stickerbombing, sunroof, dice valve caps, Cup spoiler, automatic AC conversion, slight tinted windows, team heko deflectors, OEM mudflaps, roofbars...

And now some recent pictures of my Clio :







Cheers ! :)
Love the car mate, good to see not just uk people on here! I lived in France for three years a few years back! Lived in the south west and north west. Complete different culture out there :) sometimes I wish I never came back.

A tout-a-l'heure :) (excuse my French - lived in France around age ten and I'm twenty now!)
  Clio 2.4 1.2 16V
Thanks mate. :)
I really love my country with its qualities and defaults... But I have to admit that UK is a more friendly place than France for cars, especially when modified.
I think you speak French as well as I speak English... :p
My favourite perk was no school uniform! Haha. Yeah I can understand that, recently went to Paris for a fortnight and my French got me by, so easy to get lost! But I agree, my French is as good as your English :)
  Clio 2.4 1.2 16V
really nice pics! like your car too! as for your plans, don't bother with sunroof, roof bars, window tints or mudflaps ;)
Thanks mate ! :) My plans are not 100% serious, but I really want to install a sunroof. Mostly because I want one, but also because of the challenge. if you know what I mean ;) When I have an idea stuck in my mind, I always end doing it. :p It was the same case for the rear discs, i did not really need it but really wanted to perform the install.

That's really cool, can tell you've put a lot of effort into that.
Thanks a lot ! :) It's the case. Now I'm really happy with the way it looks, handles and sounds.
  Clio 2.4 1.2 16V
too much hassle for what its worth! non OEM sunroof... will cause leaks and all sorts!
I want to install on OEM sunroof mate. And with a well-done joint it won't leak at all. ;)

Sunroof is the last thing you want, they do nothing but creak and groan and drive you insane!
I already know that. There is a fix for the squeaking sunroofs on Clio 2. ;) And I don't worry about noise, it won't cover the exhaust sound and I already have squeaks an creaks everywhere due to the lowering and hoonage. :lolup:
Those pics are spot on! Really need a good landscape for some pics on mine, your car looks so good, I wouldn't know what else to do to it :) maybe some anthracite speed lines, would really set off the colour of your car. But I really like the alloys you currently have! Tricky one when your car is spot on :)
  Clio 2.4 1.2 16V
Thanks. :) It's tricky to keep on modifying when being at this point indeed. Now there will not be any major changes aside from the sunroof.

Sometimes I think about going lower (like this one : but I don't want to ruin the brilliant handling I have with the Bilteins. B14 coilovers would be a good solution but they're expensive and won't go this low. Anyway I'll wait for the B8 to be worn out to replace them.
  1.2 16V Dynamique
Looks like a lovely setup, really smart (plus it's a 5-door so I'll always have a soft spot for them ;))

Do you have any info on the the dashboard wiring? I love the idea of the hidden sub beneath the seats - I bet that anchors it down really well :D
  Clio 2.4 1.2 16V
Welcome to ClioSport, nice car, i love OZ F1 wheels!!
Thanks. :) OZ F1 always look good on mk2 Clios.

Looks like a lovely setup, really smart (plus it's a 5-door so I'll always have a soft spot for them ;))

Do you have any info on the the dashboard wiring? I love the idea of the hidden sub beneath the seats - I bet that anchors it down really well :D
Thank you, my aim was to obtain an OEM+ look and I think I succeeded. :)

Sorry I don't understand your question about the dashbord wiring...

The sub isn't very powerfull but works great at standard volumes, it's provides a nice enhancement for no boot room loss. :)
  Clio 172, Pug 106
Lovely car!!
I cant wait to take my car to france next year!!

i have friends that live 40 mins north of Bordeaux.. some fantastic scenery and roads
  Clio 2.4 1.2 16V
Lovely car!!
I cant wait to take my car to france next year!!

i have friends that live 40 mins north of Bordeaux.. some fantastic scenery and roads
Hope you will enjoy your trip ! ;) But you guys in UK have also fantastic landscapes. :) Amazing B-roads too, but unfortunately way too much traffic on it... :(

Thanks mate :)

love it, front end looks almost like a renault sport!
Thanks. You're right, people often ask me if it's a RS. :)
  Clio 2.4 1.2 16V
New year also means new upgrades ! :D

Dension Gateway blue 3 USB/iPod/Bluetooth interface on my OEM head unit :



It's great, I wonder why I waited so long to buy one...

Program of service and upgrades for January :
- 110 000 km oil change and Green filter cleaning
- Gearbox oil change (Castrol Syntrans V FE)
- Second-hand wishbones fitted with Powerflex bushings
- Powerflex ARB bushings
  Clio 2.4 1.2 16V
Some news of my Clio.

- Winter wheels fitted
- 110 000 km service done (engine & gearbox oil change, oil filter, Green filter cleaned)
- New wishbones with Powerflex bushes fitted
- Polyurethane ARB bushes fitted
- Tracking done : front set at 0° toe and -1°30' camber

It now goes through corners perfectly, I had almost forgotten how good it was ! :boring:

I shot some winter pics this afternoon :)