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My 182

  Grande Punto, Clio 182
Thought id start up a new thread showing you my 182, already done a few little bits to it over the past few months after going to England to get it. Ill let the pics do the talking...

Standard (looking very basic :rasp:)





First thing that got done was the silvatec front indicators:


Then came the pug 307 splitter:



This is the way shes sitting now after getting the wheels sprayed, the bullets to match, calipers painted, the Cup spoiler sprayed and fitted and the front grille sprayed matt black to match the bottom one:





Next on the list is coilovers. Thinking on the KTR ones from K-tec, as they seem to be getting pretty good reviews on here.
  Grande Punto, Clio 182
Had to order the coilovers pretty sharpish as the rear shock decided to bust :mad:. Sort of thought by the time I bought two new ones then Eibach sportlines, may aswell spend a bit more and get coilovers instead.

Really happy with the ride etc. Going to screw it down a bit more in the next few days then get it set up properly to stop it wearing the tyres unevenly :)




ClioSport Club Member
  AG200|981 Cayman
Amazing how some wheels and coilovers can really transform a car, in standard form it didn't look anything special but now it is very nice.


  WANTED Arctic 182
How much is it lowererd by, roughly?

Just the height I would like on my Arctic (best colour :D)
  Grande Punto, Clio 182
Glad you all approve. Dont think the 182's need very much to look good. Maybe some kind of exhaust in the near future as the standard is looking a bit rusty already :D
  Grande Punto, Clio 182
Im not to sure on how much its down by, forgot to measure before and after, the front will be going down a bit to even it out slightly.

Im sure someone on here could give a rough estimate as to how much its down at the minute


ClioSport Club Member
  182 + 330d
Looking good mate, I currently have the same Coils, you have many issues under heavy cornering with the front? Ive had to put mine up 10mm due to the soft front springs :(
  Grande Punto, Clio 182
Front end does seem pretty soft. I screwed it down a good bit and had major rubbing! Had to screw it back up to almost where its at now :mad:.

Looking at where it was rubbing id have half the arch liner cut out to stop the rubbing! ;)
  Grande Punto, Clio 182
Yeah thats the 307 one indeed. Got it for about 30 quid from memory. Couldnt quite justify £100+ for a k-tec or renault one :(