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My 2 year project, car been through alot !

Where do i start, i have owned the car for 2 and a half years now and been driving it for 2 years. Its been through alot as you will see, chav, sport, low, high, ugly, stunning and at points just damn right wrong !!!! I look back and think wtf was i thinking, but its all about growing up and trying different things out and finally ive got to a point of which i am V happy with how she is. Anyway ill let the pics do the speaking. ( i apologise for some of the picture quailty, most pics are taken with phone.)

How she started off.




I then started with colour coding both bumpers side strips, spoiler and door handles. ( o and spot the wipers y0)


4. Next came the blue side lights, wicked aint they :| also a spoiler grille


5. Next onto the chavmobile was some nice chromes, so this i did.


6. I decided i wanted a boot build and saw a nice setup on here so started to work in early 2008




8. Next move was to make it more chavtastic, so on came the blue undercar neons. In my defence i never had the bulbs showing :D



10. I realised WTFFF AM I DOING TO MY CARRR !!! So i brought some nice 16" white pro 1.2s


11. Next came a couple of stickers, a new number plate, white bullets and a white front diamond. Note the wipers have now gone.


12. Next came some angel eyes, Not to everyones taste but i quite like them tbh. Also fitted 8k HIDS.


13. Next came much needing v maxx coilovers and got slammed on its arse. Also got a slight window tint on the back windows.





16. Next came my first cliosport meet, which was just round the corner from where i live.


17. My number plate then fell off and i cudnt be bothered to stick it back on so it stayed off for abit lol was even toying with the idea of smoothing the recess out. Also added a tow eye to the front.


18. I thought it gave it an aggressive look, but again not to everyones taste.


19. Again i liked toying with different ideas so thought as i had a blue and white theme going on i would put the front plate on the back, i took a few pics and then decided against the idea lol. Also added a couple more funny little stickers that i just couldnt resist lol.


20. I also put my standards back on as i was in the process of buying some new 15" white pro race 1.2s.


21. I finally got some 15"' wheels so i could go lower lol so here was my new ride height.




23. Next event came up and that was FCS so i brought a ticket and stuck myself with all the renault sports. I then realised AFTER the event that the CS stand was for sports only and that i was the only non sport their :|


24. Next i bit the bullet and travelled all the way down to cardiff to pay a visit to prospeed and got myself a 182 bumper and a 182 exhaust.


25. Next came event was trax so i got myself on the CS stand again and then struggled grately gettin off the damn grass.


26. I brought myself a new front number plate and finally stuck it back on again. + custom made center caps for my alloys.




28. And this is fianally how she is looking to this current day.



O and i finally finally finally finished off my boot build a month or so ago after it bein unfinished for over a year lol


30. TIME FOR A NEW PROJECT !!!!!!!!! I thought long and hard and last sat 21st November i brought my second car. I went down to london ( from manchester) and towed her back up.


31. However the car had been wrote off from behind before i purchased the car so this is how she looked from behind when i purchesed her.


33. MY PLANS.... start stripping out it completely so this week i have very busy going down to a mates garage after work and doing this.


34. Now this point i bet your thinking WTFFF has he got that for... well ill let the pics do the talking as in the front this baby had been sleeping totally undamaged.


34. So i got to work on stripping her out ready to be put into the blue clio.


35. And here she stands.


Hopfully it will be going in over christmas whilst i get time off work.

Its a 182 engine, done 28,000 miles, been remapped and came with gaz coilovers, simota induction kit and cobra buckets with harnesses, all which shall be going into the blue clio to finish her off. Im also going to buy myself some new racing tyres, new brakes and possible new cams.

As you can see, my little clio has been through alot lol and ive had alot of different thoughts and ideas about the car so all c+c welcome.

Btw all this at the grand age of 19 lol my life is my car !!!! lol

Thank you for reading haha
i know this is cheeky but are the white wheels from the red car available?

you going to fit a sport front bumper? really like the look off the car.


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  Mini GP1, Clio 182
good little story, still undecided on the angel eyes (i had them on my car before anyone starts! :) )
should be fun with the new engine!


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Nice thread, can't wait to see it dropped in :) Thought about some sideskirts or maybe a full sport kit?
the car just got better and better as i scrolled down tbh, dont like the stickers as they cut the flow of the car up but she'll be reete good when the engines in :D


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  911 GT3
sweet, i remember you asking for a photoshop of them dreadful alloys when you first joined! you going to put sport bumpers on it all round?
good read!

tbh, although i prefer the looks of the 182 bumper, i think it would be awesome to drop the lump into it with its standard bumpers on, i think it looks good like that.

deffo went from good, to bad, to awesome.
  Track 172cup
nice wee write up mate, you've certainly went through a fair few different styles (some good some bad !)

new project looks good, are they rota grids on the new written off clio ? if they are any more pics (ive been considering getting a set but wasn't sure how they would look


  Focus TDCi
Remember seeing some of those photos on Facebook and thinking, "This isn't the Tonksy I met" lol. Car's looking good now mate and as said previously, will be even better with the new lump in it. Will have to have another NW/Yorkshire meet near Hollingworth next year, was great last year! Keep up the good work bud. :)


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  Many Things
like this a lot, I thought someone had the same car as me on your trax pic, until i realised it was my ph1 :eek:

Was much work involved in doing the 182 exhaust? I may do it to mine just to be different
Cheers guys, has defo been a rollercoaster, I have thought about full rep kit and i really cnt decide, i do like the idea of havin a sleeper, but with the rear bumper already being on and i already get alot of non fello clio owners asking weather its the 182 or 172. i really cnt decide.

The rota wheels on the written off car, didnt come with the car, he wanted abit more for them and tbh i wanted to keep my pro race so all i would of done is sell them on BUt for some reason every1 down middlesex inc the guy i brought it off have 17's on the back and 15's on the front, so i didnt think it would be that easy to sell on.

The exhaust as mentioned was taken all the way down to prospeed which was a good 4 hours drive but was defo worth the money and the time it took as, as others have mentioned the guys down there are fantastic.

Cheers for all the comments though :)

And as for another holliworth lake meet, DO IT !!!!! just not in the middle of winter this time :D
  Track 172cup
ah right sound mate, just thought you might have had another one before you got it, first clio i've seen with them on it and they look good


  The Cleee-O
Looks really good man, and was interesting to see the different stages that it's gone through before what it looks like today. Looks awesome as it is at the minute, and I bet it will flyyy once you put that lovely new powerplant in it ;) Look forward to seeing the rest :D


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  Many Things
The exhaust as mentioned was taken all the way down to prospeed which was a good 4 hours drive but was defo worth the money and the time it took as, as others have mentioned the guys down there are fantastic.

Did they have to cut the spare wheel well at all? Any pics of underneath if the exhaust would be great if you don't mind
  TTRS & V50
Decent progress there mate.

Thought you were getting 15's ?

Also you were talking about brakes. Whats wrong with the ones on the red clio, they don't look half bad ?
  ibiza cupra
wicked little project mate. everyone gets a bit lost when doing cars but its good to see you found your way back lol.
  Clio 1.2 16v
awsome mate, best move getting rid of those first rims haha and i love the new white ones im thinking about getting a similar set myself. Very nice mate!!
  BG 182 FF
your car is looking very nice m8, really like the white pro-race and the 182 rear looks awesome, will finish the car off have a 2ltr in it hope everything runs smoothy mate :)

Sport front bumper now on, just needs a few bits to finish the exterior off ie side skirts, front splitter, fog lights.


Another little update

Side skirts are now on and had the car detailled so paintwork is looking very nice for a 8 year old car :)

Engine is going in in a couple of weeks, just need to buy a couple last pieces like a new clutch and new radiator.

Still need fogs and spacers and going to go lower on the back once GAZ coilovers are fitted.






  alien green rs133
when you swap engine, swap all the running gear off the front of the 172 to help get the wheels out to the arch :D
Time to update my project thread and a hell of a lot has been going on, so heres my cars life story.... ( if u cnt be arsed to read it all then just look at the pics and know its been an absolute ballache for me to get sorted lol)

Started the conversion back in the easter holidays and all went in fine, fired up perfect, went to set off and chug chug chug .. engine cut out, me and a mate who helped with the conversion had a look around the engine bay and couldnt find fook all wrong, many weeks went by and trying different sensors etc.. many posts and threads as you may have seen were posted on here looking for help, was in very good contact with ryan from NW performance and still nothing was fixing this problem of the engine cutting out. We finally realised it was connected to the sterring wheel and when ever i turned the wheel it would cut the engine out. It got to a point of being off the road for at least 4-5 months and my patience was fast disapearing, so was the love for the car.

So with the car literally in peices, right down to the shell ( pics below) i decided to give in on all the effort and my own hard work of being out till 9-10 at night messing about with different parts, removing, replacing, u name it, ive done it with this car and just get it off my own back and give it to a garage and leave eveything for them to sort out. With being in contact with Ryan all the way since starting the conversion i decided to let NW perforance have it as they knew all the problems etc.. so the 2 hour tow down to their garage by my dads Q5 ( who has never tow'ed anything before) was on.... and on we went....straight down deans gate in the middle of manchester, 1 friday night lol just after setting off my dad being inexperienced, braked hard and bang bang clutter, the tow bar was through my front bumper which was half hanging on. Ripping the bumper off and thrown into the back of my totally empty car we set off again. Eventually we got to Ryans garage and chucked her inside, gave him the keys and said ring me when shes sorted. Few weeks later ( as i said he could take his time with the car and do it in his spare time) i get a phone call sayin all was ok and i could come pick her up, off my and my dad pop 1 saturday morning to pick her up. Ryan explained he had noticed it was somthing to do with the wires underneath the steering wheel and that he had cleaned them up and sorted it out and all was good, car a little backfire at 3k rpm

Off me and my dad set back home with him behind JUST incase anything went wrong, a good hour and half into the journey were nearly home so i say to my dad lets try the motorway, just 1 junction so we head towards the motorway and just before you get to it theres a duel carrageway with a 70 speed limit so i speed up and chug chug chug, engine started spluttering, pulled over onto hardshoulder and same thing was happening when i turned the wheel the engine was cutting out. Me and my dad being pretty pee'd off ( as my nan had just gone into hospital for major surgery at 84) said lets just get it home, so i rang the RAC and half anhour later this little man comes out and i very briefly explain about the sterring wheel, he noticed it as an engine conversion and instead of just towing me home he said he would have a look to which i said yeah sure, expecting him to open the bonnet and say nope cnt help you... but i was wrong, under the car he went on the side of this duel carrage way and he popped his little head up and said 'erm do u know 1 of your earths is loose' to which my face dropped and said 'nope', he tightened it up and started her up, turned the wheel and hey ho, it seemed fixed. He told me that there was a cable or somthing arother to do with the steering was sagging down and resting on this loose earth so basically when u turn the wheel it moved that cable and caused it to earth out. Also solved that when you put your foot down it cut out for a split second because the engine rocked a tiny bit and knocked it to earth out for a split second.

So off i set in convoy with a rac truck behind, my dad behind and a fellow friend. Finally get onto the motorway and the RAC man disapeared but that was ok as all seemed good. Came off at my junction, come to the roand about, when to put it in 2nd and nothing, looked down and i had no gears. my instant shout was FFS !! i manged to coast to a lay-by which was 5 mins away from my house. next morning tow'd it home and luckly it was only the gear linkage had come off, so was just a case of popping it back on.

Which leaves me to how i am now pretty much, The engine is working fine albeit a 1 n a quarter inch 1.2 exhuast meaning its restriced like mad but at least its up and running, Interior is still a mess atm with hardly anything in it and im not to happ with the outside either but i can now work on everything and get it how i like it.