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My 2 year project, car been through alot !

  Mini Cooper S
lol...what a rollercoaster! Hope it's trouble free now on! Looks good, hope it goes well too.
i have to say im qute jealous lol, awesome car :D, if you don't mind me asking whats the insurance for a 2.0 engine conversion?

Insurance is the main reason why i dont own a 'proper' cliosport, engine conversions are alot cheaper i found.

Paid 1800 at 19 with 1ncb and 1 of the shittest postcodes in the country, all mods and engine declaired and on my own insurance :)
Car is on the way to full recovery now =]

Just in the middle of installin some 182 xenons (which im cleaning up using the hedlight correction guide on here), puttin a new RS grille on and finally fitting some fog lights.

Will get pics up when im finished :)
  DCi 100
Car will looks miles better with xenons instead of those wierd angel eye things. A decent splitter wouldn't do any harm aswell!

I'm out in Trafford tonight if your down there?
Looks good man, glad you turned it around from being that chav charriot! haha any more info on that boot build? i want to hide my sub away as much as possible so i actually have a usable boot haha. Tah
Looks good man, glad you turned it around from being that chav charriot! haha any more info on that boot build? i want to hide my sub away as much as possible so i actually have a usable boot haha. Tah

I think theres a guide on here mate, only problem i found was the perspex (sp) glass vibrates alot, think i could of done with driling some holes in either the perspex or the MDF board.

If you cnt find anything mate give me a PM and ill try do a little guide for you
Well not much has happened really, still a skip inside, got a new interior wiring loom so once that has gone in, things will start to rebuilt inside again.

Bit of change on the exterior, not sure wether im keeping it black but i needed a new bonnet anyway and jamie (jesus) was selling his black bonnet and being only down the road i thought id get his, can always spray it at a later date.

Wondering wether to get the front number plate smoothed out as bumper needs respraying anyway or wether to just get a small number plate that fits perfectly in the reccess.

  Silver 182
Was just wondering? Since 182 has more power to usual non sport, wouldnt it affect the steering and too much strain on suspension?

I am not a mechanic so dont judge just a question to boost some knowledge
  clio 182
Where do i start, i have owned the car for 2 and a half years now and been driving it for 2 years. Its been through alot as you will see, chav, sport, low, high, ugly, stunning and at points just damn right wrong !!!! I look back and think wtf was i thinking, but its all about growing up and trying different things out and finally ive got to a point of which i am V happy with how she is. Anyway ill let the pics do the speaking. ( i apologise for some of the picture quailty, most pics are taken with phone.)

How she started off.


View attachment 617286

2. View attachment 617287

I then started with colour coding both bumpers side strips, spoiler and door handles. ( o and spot the wipers y0)

3. View attachment 617288

4. Next came the blue side lights, wicked aint they :| also a spoiler grille

View attachment 617289

5. Next onto the chavmobile was some nice chromes, so this i did.

View attachment 617290

6. I decided i wanted a boot build and saw a nice setup on here so started to work in early 2008

View attachment 617291


View attachment 617292

8. Next move was to make it more chavtastic, so on came the blue undercar neons. In my defence i never had the bulbs showing :D

View attachment 617293

9. View attachment 617294

10. I realised WTFFF AM I DOING TO MY CARRR !!! So i brought some nice 16" white pro 1.2s

View attachment 617295

11. Next came a couple of stickers, a new number plate, white bullets and a white front diamond. Note the wipers have now gone.

View attachment 617296

12. Next came some angel eyes, Not to everyones taste but i quite like them tbh. Also fitted 8k HIDS.

View attachment 617297

13. Next came much needing v maxx coilovers and got slammed on its arse. Also got a slight window tint on the back windows.

View attachment 617298

View attachment 617299


View attachment 617300

16. Next came my first cliosport meet, which was just round the corner from where i live.

View attachment 617301

17. My number plate then fell off and i cudnt be bothered to stick it back on so it stayed off for abit lol was even toying with the idea of smoothing the recess out. Also added a tow eye to the front.

View attachment 617302

18. I thought it gave it an aggressive look, but again not to everyones taste.

View attachment 617303

19. Again i liked toying with different ideas so thought as i had a blue and white theme going on i would put the front plate on the back, i took a few pics and then decided against the idea lol. Also added a couple more funny little stickers that i just couldnt resist lol.

View attachment 617304

20. I also put my standards back on as i was in the process of buying some new 15" white pro race 1.2s.

View attachment 617305

21. I finally got some 15"' wheels so i could go lower lol so here was my new ride height.

View attachment 617306


View attachment 617307

23. Next event came up and that was FCS so i brought a ticket and stuck myself with all the renault sports. I then realised AFTER the event that the CS stand was for sports only and that i was the only non sport their :|

View attachment 617308

24. Next i bit the bullet and travelled all the way down to cardiff to pay a visit to prospeed and got myself a 182 bumper and a 182 exhaust.

View attachment 617309

25. Next came event was trax so i got myself on the CS stand again and then struggled grately gettin off the damn grass.

View attachment 617310

26. I brought myself a new front number plate and finally stuck it back on again. + custom made center caps for my alloys.

View attachment 617311


View attachment 617312

28. And this is fianally how she is looking to this current day.

View attachment 617313


O and i finally finally finally finished off my boot build a month or so ago after it bein unfinished for over a year lol

View attachment 617314

30. TIME FOR A NEW PROJECT !!!!!!!!! I thought long and hard and last sat 21st November i brought my second car. I went down to london ( from manchester) and towed her back up.

View attachment 617315

31. However the car had been wrote off from behind before i purchased the car so this is how she looked from behind when i purchesed her.

View attachment 617316

33. MY PLANS.... start stripping out it completely so this week i have very busy going down to a mates garage after work and doing this.

View attachment 617317

34. Now this point i bet your thinking WTFFF has he got that for... well ill let the pics do the talking as in the front this baby had been sleeping totally undamaged.

View attachment 617318

34. So i got to work on stripping her out ready to be put into the blue clio.

View attachment 617319

35. And here she stands.

View attachment 617320

Hopfully it will be going in over christmas whilst i get time off work.

Its a 182 engine, done 28,000 miles, been remapped and came with gaz coilovers, simota induction kit and cobra buckets with harnesses, all which shall be going into the blue clio to finish her off. Im also going to buy myself some new racing tyres, new brakes and possible new cams.

As you can see, my little clio has been through alot lol and ive had alot of different thoughts and ideas about the car so all c+c welcome.

Btw all this at the grand age of 19 lol my life is my car !!!! lol

Thank you for reading haha
Nice change in the blue 1 and cant wait to see the red 1 finished