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My Black Clio 1.2 16v

  BMW 330ci
Have been on this site a while and seen people do progress threads and wanted to do one but never really got round to doing it, so thought i would have a go :D

This is how I first bought the car, completely standard apart from the tints.

next thing i done was add a sony headunit and edge sub.

then i bought some 182 wheels, as i was bored with the standard wheels. £130 with tyres which i thought was a good deal.

half way through fitting, oh and i painted calipers yellow, and spray bullets silver

all fitted

bought a RS grill off ebay and fitted it

had a go at colour coding, think it looks quite good tbh for my first attempt. Also this is how it stands now.

Thanks for reading, comments welcome :D

  Two 0 Shitx
Have a look around when you click a picture, there should somewhere (it's a bit more complicated on flickr) but there should be a code that starts with