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my car even faster eh

  mk2 172

in such a good mood today, infact just settling down with a bottle of red,

had my cat 1 ripped out today to get full access to my airbox cos to remove the battery b4 set the alarm off cos i havent got the siren key,. anyway, had it replaced with a cat 2 immobiliser so as soon as i got home i rstarted to remove the airbox, soon realised that the plastic star shaped things on the willy airbox are actually screws so i could have removed it ages ago!(now i understand what you meant nick, i though is was star shaped screw heads, so i could have undone them). took off the box and as i suspected my airfilter was fukin disgusting, oily, black and full of sh*t(its been on for roundabout 20k). i realised i hadnt a clue what to do so i rang the man who always gives you time nick hill, he told me to just was it in soap and give it a real good scrubbing then set about it inside to out with an airline. i washed it alright and my sink was full of sh*t afterwards. i then remembered i bought some 10k boost a while ago and couldnt use it cos of the airbox situation so dug that out. found the helpful giuide on where to spray it nick read sent me a while ago and away we go.

didnt wanna stop there so i cleaned alll around my airbox, removed a foglight and some plastic inner wing for access, started to rip out renaults excuse for induction piping and got some piping what i pinched from work, bodged it to the airbos intake then ran it to the foglight hole(this will be replaced tomorrow by some proper stuff that fitts proper without tape etc)

anyway, the result, did a 100 mile round trip to york to pick up my new massiv spec pc from a bloke who works for railtrack who builds them who i know(one of the reasons im in a good mood cos its wicked) and the car seems to fukin fly! yes its seemingly faster, just seems to be able to breathe a lot better, i was on the A64 trying to bait a n/a 911 and just couldnt see how a car could be faster than mine, yes its that sad but mentally the car seemed quicker, especially at speed. whatdya reckon?


are you runing an improved filter in the standard unit craggy or did u just clean the standard filter. Amazing what a little spring clean can do!
  mk2 172

no mate, its some foamy pipercross thing, it was totally black and covered in oily sh*t, seriously though, the car can breathe better now im sure, just cant see how it could have had a good air supply, its like shrinking the air pipe to your lungs, could you rund as fast if you couldnt quite take in all that air???