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my car is in bits so need a quick answer

does anyone know if it is possible to connect an alpine 9812rr up to to a 12v source behind the dash rather than having to run a cable to the battery. i dont have a fuse wire to go to the battery and cant get to a shop to get one cos my car is in bits.....

any ideas would be great!

Thanks in advance

sory for the blunt post! :oops:

the fag lighter isnt live when the engine is off, just tried that with my multimeter.

where would i find the heated rear window wires on a 52 plate clio? from the back of the fuse box? surely that isnt live either when the engine is off? Im assuming the head unit needs a constant 12v even with the engine off to keep its settings?

Thnanks so far.
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are you using the internal amp??

if so then dont connect it to anything other than a seperate feed
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my bro melted his wiring loom together in his car before by not putting a seperate feed in.

im not saying this will happend but it could, so id rather be safe than sorry


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the upper alpines have a large internal amp inthem (4x22rms I believe) which needs decent power so you need a seperate fused wire. Go for at least 16 guage for extra safety.

However if you are runing without the H/U amp then its fine, just press the F button down and move to IRC power turn it off then you will by pass the amp altogether

the reason they suggest it is to cover the worse case scenario

as dink has said above, thats it

always connect it to the battery
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could you not just fuse it with a low rated fuse close to the unit so that if the wire was overloaded the fuse would blow and things would be kept safe?
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there is a fuse in the dc-dc converter(mine is a 20A).

that means if you turn it up too loud the fuse will keep blowing and just you would get pissed off and stick a bigger one in there;)