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My cars broke : (

I was driving home tonight and found that if Im in third or fourth gear doing about 4k and I floot the throttle the car accelerates as normal but at about 5k the revs stay the same or shoot up a bit while Im still accelerating, so the clutch must be slipping. I noticed this a couple of days ago but after trying to make it do it on the way home tonight Ive found it does it all the time.

Anybody else had this? sureley the clutch must be bedded in by now 4k miles... sureley the only thing to make such a new clutch slip would be oil leaking on to it..

Any why do you think it only does it over 4k and not from pulling away hard in 1st ... I guess maybe its because the engine comes on cam after 4k... I dont know..
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clutch normally just sqeaks when it has oil contamination doesnt take long to burn it off

make sure ur not leaving ur foot on the clutch as im told the bite is quite high on 172s and its easily done without really noticing

actually KDF you may have a point there... does the fbw throttle r****d the throttle in anyway... especially as Im running 95ron fuel... it may be retarding something because of pinking.. just a thought... although it still wouldnt make sence that the revs stay where they are or drop slightly while Im still increasing in speed...

Adiclio no I definateley didnt have my foot on the clutch as I was trying to make it do it so I made sure my foot was off..

Hmmm a puzzling one.. Im not sure wether to take it in to be looked at or not... as I know they will just say they cant find anything.. unless I can drive the mechanic down the road and show him

Ok Ive booked it into Renault .... Ive asked that a mechanic drives down the road with me so that I can show them whats happening... rather than just being told we couldnt find a problem


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Good luck, lets hope they can fix it for you, let us know what they say.

Ok the car went in today... the renault engineer drove it down the road for about a mile (with me) and he said he could feel it slipping in every gear... I only really noticed it in 4th and 5th... more load I guess.I asked him if hes had any others with this prob.. and he said two.. both on an 02 plate... strange.. They are going to have the car ready in a couple of days... Im glad they didnt try to fob me off or anything..

Arrrrrrrgggggggggh !!!! Renault have just called me... they want to keep the car for another 3 days... they have already had it 3.. apparantly they ordered the wrong clutch for my car.. :sick:

it looks like Im gonna be punting around in my wifes pug 205 AUTOMATIC ! :devilish: for a while longer..

Oh and on another note.. why when Im in my wifes car does everyone under the sun want to race me.. where as when Im in my clio.. no one bothers.

Hey tom.... did you pay my car a visit in the middle of the night or something?? .. it was the oil seal... absolutley soaked the clutch.The cars back now and it feels TOTALLY different... the bite point is a lot lower on the pedal and the clutch is a lot more aggresive now... I think it felt slightly dampened before because of the contamination... It feels a bit heavier sprung too for some reason.

So they replaced the clutch and plates... the oil seal... replaced the coolant... and replaced the oil (do they drain the oil ? Im not sure, but they have replaced it.)

So Im very happy anyway.. it took a while but they did a really good job..