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My Cars Burning Oil. Please help!

  Clio Sport
Hi everyone,
Please can someone help me. Ive recently had a Type Approved Cat put on my car. When the old Cat was taken off (Its only been on the car from August so I had to have it replaced again after taking my car for a diagnostic test, I was told this fault "Cat Efficency below threshold" meaning that the cat id bought was dodgey) Anyway, When my mechanic took this cat off my car, he said there was quite a bit of burnt oil in my cat converter and that it will only ever keep breaking my cats until i get this burning oil problem sorted. I since went back up to see the man who put my car on a diagnostic and he said that I have to get someone to split up inlet manifold in half then theres a small round little rubber thats worn away and this needs to be replaced in order to stop my burning oil situation. Has anyone done this before? Im a little confused, If anyone could tell me how to do it, id really appreciate it and also does anyone know the name of the rubber thats worn away in my inlet manifold?
I have a 1.2 16v renault clio 2001 (the older shape headlights though)
Also, i was told on the diagnostic machine that i need a new speed sensor and a new temperature sensor too, although my temperature gauge is actually working? Does anyone know where i can get these parts cheap? GMF have quoted me around £100 for the 2 of them and i dont want to give that much as my cars already cost me a bomb.

Hope someone can help me. Id really appreciate it.
Thanks everyone!