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my cilo 182

  182 ff with cup pack's
after 2 long weeks of waiting i picked my 182 up yesterday :D and ive just got a couple of ? to ask.

1. do the 182 have a shift light if so where?
2. ive been down the same bit of road 3 time know and in the same spot every time the STOP! and the handbrake light blink's on for a sec then go's off its only happend on this road. its just after a tight left could that have anything to do with it?

thanks callum
  Golf R/Leon FR
hey fella
welcome to the club

the shift light will come on if you redline it lol (a little green gear lever) best way to find it ;)
  Fiesta ST3
do they all have the shift light as i have had mine 3 weeks now been bouncing it off the rev limiter a few times and never seen a light come on? it lights up when you start up but never when i am giving it some stick..:D
  182cup & 172 racecar
welcome to clio world. the same happened to me just after i got mine,just check the fluid levels first,even a if its down a little bit the lights will come on usually at high revs


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
If the lights coming on at the same place each time , i'd say your brake fluid level is slightly low , top it up , its a pretty common thing . If you have an engine cover on you'll have to remove it to access the brake fluid reservoir , put some rags round the top so you don't spill brake fluid on to the exhaust manifold .

Heres a pic of the brake fluid reservoir :


Oh yeah , and welcome to CS mate :)