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My Clio 1.2 16v sport roof

  clio mk2 1.2 16v 02
1.2 16v (2002) started out as a completely stock extreme model that i purchased for £120 crash damage (front bumper cracked due to previous owner driving into back of someone) i then purchased another crashed damaged clio (1.216v) that had the 182 parts on including the dual exhaust spax lowering springs.i transferred all the parts off it onto mine and my parts onto that then sold it cheap to get rid. (my 02 car is the better car) Its been alot of work doing this project juggling work and trying to finish this project. i also de wiper the rear and put a reversing camera in its place. de areal the roof and badge on the front. all fibre glassed over (work in garage with my dad nothing massive just a little backstreet kinda its only costed me parts/paint and blood sweat and tears. but i would guess iv spent probably 3x more than the cars even worth but to me its worth and i enjoyed doing it as i love my little clio. cheap motoring without the worry something going to break and cost the earth for new parts like my mazda 2 i use to have . my next mods are a kindle fire tablet built into dash and a unequal manifold that im in the middle of welding up and a electronic butterfly valve to De cat the exhaust on the fly as and when i want the extra noise.


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ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172 ph2
Nice little project mate! I would like to see how the kindle will be there. Don't forget to put the line arches in the front of the car. The front seems to be a little upper, maybe you can solve the problem with other springs and the exhaust tips have to be a little lower. But I really like the car, I've owned a 3 doors clio with the same engine and color like yours and also wanted to convert into a sport one, so this project reminds of my old clio.
Good work mate,



ClioSport Club Member
Spray the 182 alloys anthracite, with a few mm of spacers and maybe bring it down slightly more and it'll look great.

I really like the colour! Get a cup spoiler for it too. I do like reps when they're done well, as it's more of a 'project' then that just shitting in a bucket and calling it a masterpiece.
  clio mk2 1.2 16v 02
i put new struts on the front when i put the springs on along with new disks,pads and brake kit and wheel bearings both track rod ends and did also notice it was a little high (i hope it would settle down over time.ill look into getting new springs i need to get some line arches of ebay. just wondering what size spacers to put on.