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My Clio 172/Cup Mods

Right i know theres alot of links but it was the only way i could host my pics.

I seen Paddys topic yesterday about people doing cup mods on a normal 172 so i went round ma mates and he took some pics of ma car with his digi cam. Which are the links below.

Mods done are:- Cup front spliter/Cup rear roof spoiler which has bin on for 4 months now/Normal clio front spliter on rear bumper/172 crome badge on the back/Polished inlet manifolds/Hatch release button colour coded/Custom Renault sport 172 stickers on side windows laser copied from front seats. The 17s in the last pic have been taken off for the winter standard 16s are on now, and the Espace front spliter is also off coz it was on the floor with the 16s. The 17s and Espace front spliter are going back on next week. Coments plz*PmetE80rDEVdrIwfTuiM2zM!Q5v4pU8VN3PvyZimIx1r9V7vDFcGdAKLGZ9m9fb3yZvDl53eLNdHzyga22DdNBnqZBwPG0x!dJmX3o0k*eeMVM1G98/Cup-Front-Spliter.JPG?dc=4675409513621925765">*PmetE80rDEVdrIwfTuiM2zM!Q5v4pU8VN3PvyZimIx1r9V7vDFcGdAKLGZ9m9fb3yZvDl53eLNdHzyga22DdNBnqZBwPG0x!dJmX3o0k*eeMVM1G98/Cup-Front-Spliter.JPG?dc=4675409513621925765*Y3VMgleeWgVxWeay9DZHO!l1bTuC98ka44yCehgccHoY/Rear-Spliter.JPG?dc=4675409513704871128">*Y3VMgleeWgVxWeay9DZHO!l1bTuC98ka44yCehgccHoY/Rear-Spliter.JPG?dc=4675409513704871128*le2fIeIzDZ0dk!0Q5irGodyFRflDn7PthuV3dne*bKxU3Y9KVvOsurq*v4zgF8JmfTt7qnoZ2UdlrcSx1ZLAVgAa5GOgCGpNE7jZ34E0kktjA/172-Badge.JPG?dc=4675409513581564208">*le2fIeIzDZ0dk!0Q5irGodyFRflDn7PthuV3dne*bKxU3Y9KVvOsurq*v4zgF8JmfTt7qnoZ2UdlrcSx1ZLAVgAa5GOgCGpNE7jZ34E0kktjA/172-Badge.JPG?dc=4675409513581564208!7J4frPlRElB4!QjOz4lZSpQ8gIhqN5yioVq2Ut*Yf9zTmS*KpGMc1quQUFnaU!gb6rxBmw/DSCF0004.JPG?dc=4675409508881034285">!7J4frPlRElB4!QjOz4lZSpQ8gIhqN5yioVq2Ut*Yf9zTmS*KpGMc1quQUFnaU!gb6rxBmw/DSCF0004.JPG?dc=4675409508881034285*PmetE80ui8W08S6tFFX!RmZoECRbdc1BF66pI967nE5vhfl8vFcwCXaeKvazqzNsDZ!vfjXFZrgtupaK*gRqf*zi5bcsTKRgE015TIV0fhWUMKi9uV/Cup-Roof-Spoiler.JPG?dc=4675409513663661712">*PmetE80ui8W08S6tFFX!RmZoECRbdc1BF66pI967nE5vhfl8vFcwCXaeKvazqzNsDZ!vfjXFZrgtupaK*gRqf*zi5bcsTKRgE015TIV0fhWUMKi9uV/Cup-Roof-Spoiler.JPG?dc=4675409513663661712!yUBTCribw!60Zr5nSRVnDbxgzhZl6UB0B7XSFnWT6I17pr8*M42kXsi3!tQT8WYPS0HeZfltUTg27KXa9UOKixNylg/DSCF0008.JPG?dc=4675409509157625407">!yUBTCribw!60Zr5nSRVnDbxgzhZl6UB0B7XSFnWT6I17pr8*M42kXsi3!tQT8WYPS0HeZfltUTg27KXa9UOKixNylg/DSCF0008.JPG?dc=4675409509157625407!zCWoVTEQXoj03jHTtjMrYKd4jVxJ7t72EyAVlz2KHmbmUySDJL4XhFeF05NhsBI6llIlAzcig/DSCF0010.JPG?dc=4675409509251658148">!zCWoVTEQXoj03jHTtjMrYKd4jVxJ7t72EyAVlz2KHmbmUySDJL4XhFeF05NhsBI6llIlAzcig/DSCF0010.JPG?dc=4675409509251658148*r!1w!pDaYYGWSmxx*QmrFF1bGtAooO!hgCF9nJHpAp9n6AAdky5HyM5Q3gjv3Q2UplGlNjfEOPO67WuQ/DSCF0011.JPG?dc=4675409509287476585">*r!1w!pDaYYGWSmxx*QmrFF1bGtAooO!hgCF9nJHpAp9n6AAdky5HyM5Q3gjv3Q2UplGlNjfEOPO67WuQ/DSCF0011.JPG?dc=4675409509287476585!o8vQADJwhq4TOaPq3oryZlw9P7dN4pwEyJJIt3Nv7Ekw9dxC4gIs!BtQr9m99wzImHLFS5eHV3mqvSorqXrQfI/17-inch-TSW.jpg?dc=4675409513534881095">!o8vQADJwhq4TOaPq3oryZlw9P7dN4pwEyJJIt3Nv7Ekw9dxC4gIs!BtQr9m99wzImHLFS5eHV3mqvSorqXrQfI/17-inch-TSW.jpg?dc=4675409513534881095
  Clio 200 FF

not bad :) how much was the splitter and does it just clip on?

oh can you polish my manifold please ;)
  320d M Sport

Bloody hell someone took notice!!! Very nice (i said that the other day as well?!!) How the FECK did u get that polished by the way? I need to know!!

The polishin looks absoloubtly phat, nice touch, like paddy said why didnt u polish the top bit? think that would look good with the other polished bits.


Cheers for the coments keep em comin as for polishing the renault sport badge on the engine ive had it done its just u carnt see it in the pic theres no light on it

Hi Paddy sorry i havnt replied sooner but my comps been down :mad:

The inlet manifold was done DIY were i work at renault, and done by believe it or not with all the technical staff renault have, wait for it..... the cleaner:eek:

Apparently he polishs all the alloy on his motor bikes for the shows, so when i had my car in work he asked me if i wanted the manifolds polishing and u can see the finished product for yourself. He used a small orbital air polisher which is used for taking bad etches off car windows, He started with rough grade sand paper and worked his way down and also used cutting paste to get the desired finish. He couldnt polish in between the writing on the top because he couldnt get the buffer in so just polished the writing, and the total cost for the job was a 12p cup of coffee. And the RS stickers in the side windows were done by a graphic company near me. I had a spare set of mk1 172 vinyl kick plates he just laser copied them and added 172 at the end and finished it off in the RS colours, ill find the phone number for you 2morrow.

Paul im putting the 17s back on next weekend and getting it ready for Donny2003 as it is on the Renault Sports Club Stand.
  320d M Sport

Cheers paul i do appreciate it!, might give it a go, take it he left the manifold on the car then??

FAO CUPSIZE, i got the crome 172 rear badge from a stand at max power last year that sold individual letters, they cost £1:50 per letter. and the k&n filter u also asked about, it dosnt really give any great gains of bhp and torque just helps it breath a bit better and sounds abit better than the standard element. On its way is a Viper induction kit shorty to replace the k&n.

How do you fit the rear lower lip spoiler? I know its from the front of a clio, but is there any need to modify it and how does it fit? Thanks.

James it was quite easy to fit. I had 2 cut a V shape on each bend so it would go round the corner of the bumper, and cut a piece off each end so it was the right length and it is fastened on with pop riviets.