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My Clio Authentique


North West - North
Hello I have been browsing this site for a while now and a few months ago decided to become a member as I decided to do some changes to my car and needed new parts and advice. Anyway a little bit about me is im 20 passed my test when I was 17, got my first car when I was 16 which was a lime green Fiat Cinquecento which I hated mainly due to the colour and never had the chance to drive it as was only 16. Then about a month after I got a Saxo Forte which I loved (only drove it in car park however as was just learning to drive then) I put the VTR bumpers and alloys on it. Then it all went bad and got in money issues so had to sell up and had no car for about 6 months and I had pasted my test by this point.

Then things got better seen a Clio Authentique which was a nice colour and I new I had been looked after so I got it, as I was 18 then it being a 1.2 was cheap insurance which I needed with the job I had at the time.

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This is the car when I first got it really good condition. Then I got really unlucky about 3 days after having the car it got written off, was going round a rounder about just about to come off and a girl in a learner car didn't stop (don't know why instructor never stopped her). Anyway I managed to buy the car back and insurance paid for the work which was a new wing which needed spraying, new headlight, new grill and dints out of bonnet. In the picture you can see 2 led strips on the bumper which were on the car when I bought it they got taken off after crash as one had smashed to bits.

I didn't really do much to my car for a year then but in the last year do a few different things and a lot of changes have happened.

Firstly being young I went straight for a sub and amp which was a 12" mutant and mutant amp with mutant 6x9's in and had that for a bit then bought an spx amp and a mutant 10" sub to go with the rest.
75043_1396796840575677_2044541230_n.jpgNot the best picture but all I have got regret this now wasting my money on them and looked a mess, thankfully I seen sense and sold the lot to cashys.

Recently I have had my rear windows tinted limo black I did this as think it looks smarter and my main reason was for a bit of security ( you will find out what I mean later) Also on the picture you will see I have de-wipered the read and just stuck a grommet in there, however at this moment in time I on the look out for something better as I hate that you can see the grommet. Also you may notice its not got standard exhaust I had fitted a savage back box as I got it really cheap brand new and tbh quite like the noise it makes.
I then seen a sun strip and clio decals so just had to put them on , however it no longer has the Renault clio on it as the entire thing got taken off for mot and only got round to putting the sun strip back on .
Also tried my best to colour code the door trim

Right now its time to show you the main change in my car ripped out the standard door speaker and installed in-phase components in the front and rear also with tweeters and cross overs. Also in this picture you will see I have swapped over the standard door handles to the sport chrome ones.

Now its time for the boot I have had a custom bass box made to suit the clio and it was a ball ache to get it fits nice an tight, its running my 2 15" juice subs which are powered off my Vibe A7 amp. I currently have a kenwood head unit and underneath that just above the cup holder I have got a bass controller installed which allows me to choose how much bass I wont without having to go and change the amp settings. If I remember the wiring is 4 gauge and is fused in two places at the battery and at the back on the sub.

Then I have the custom parcel shelf made out of fibre glass and covered in black carpet and made to hold my vibe 6x9s which are powered by an all stars amp which I will probs be upgrading soon.

Mechanically the car has just had the odd mot failure to deal with and had a new clutch fitted about 5 months ago and last week had cam belt do just to be safe. That it at the moment but will keep updated I am hoping to be getter wind deflectors and the areo wipers this week and I have also got some smoked side indicators to put on.

The main thing I am after now is a set of alloys as I am still on steels:cry:

I am hoping to be at the clio sport show to get to know people and see what you have all got and the work you have put in.

I would love o hear what you think of my car at the moment I know its got a lot of work left needed to be done just lie your thoughts really on what you think of it as whiles I been browsing on hear noticed the Authentique model gets a lot of hate.

Thanks for reading