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my clio has died on me....

  wrx sti ppp (305bhp)
was driving home from work today and my power steering went!!!! i thought i had a flat tyre, but there is no power steering now, u can hardly turn around corners, the engine also cut out at some lights. then when u pulled up outside my house a small amount of smoke was coming from the engine, had a look, it was comming from the left side right near the timing belt, whats up with it, anyone......


  MK7 GTD & Mini GP
pas pump stuffed?

the power steering failure shouldnt be too difficult to sort, but the smoke, i aint sure about!
  307 hdi (powered by derv)
At A Guess Your Pas Pump Or One Of The Hoses Has Cracked Or Leaked And That Smoke Would Of Be The Power Steering Fluid Burning On Your Engine.
  wrx sti ppp (305bhp)
maybe the smoke was the pump burning out, god knows, was only a little bit of smoke, i turned the engine off, the smoke stoped then turned it on again and it started just a tiny bit
  wrx sti ppp (305bhp)
should i go to renault, i have no warrenty, will they charge loads or shall i go to a local garage?
  wrx sti ppp (305bhp)
i gotta go out for the night please leave your reccommendations here it will be much appreciated...
  wrx sti ppp (305bhp)
its the power steering fluid, its leaked out from sumwhere, but cant see, cheap to repair??