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My Clio


  Audi TT Stronic

I like the twin split exhausts at the back (very Clio V6 like) and your alloys ar nice too. bet they are easy to kerb though

Aye they would be easy kerbed as i found out when i met a kerb at 40mph and a new alloy was required from Japan.

If your careful enough parking etc they dont get kerbed though

she needs a good slap with the lowering stick does anyone know of any full kits available for the dci clios yet?????

That car of yours is nice, I really like those wheels and the bodykit. However, those mirrors need to be black, im sorry.

LMAO @ Dash, thats what happened to Red rum lol

I tried painting the mirrors thesame as the wheels as an experiment today but theyll be colour coded by next weekend.

The wheels are Kosei Double Racer 17"

Thanks lads for the positive and negative criticism everyones entitled to their own views after all but the yoke is far from finished. If we all had the same taste wed be driving very similair cars which modding aint about.

I really really need to find out who is making some lowering kits cause i dont want poxy springs with standard shocks. I was racing a vtr or a west coast saxo last night and couldnt keep the front down , it was all over the place on corners.

Ive also got a boost gauge ammeter and water temp gauge ready to be installed just need to get off my arse and build some pods for them. Then its fibreglassing time for the boot install and time to tidy my front door pods.


ClioSport Club Member
  Lazy v8

looks sweet very jap racerish.

i would tint the windows, paint the mirrors, smooth the boot get a nice bonnet vent i recon a nissan sunny gtir vent would look sweet for ultimate smoothness take off door bump strips and smooth, de lock and dehandle and i think thats about it.

looks wicked though.


im getting the drivers door resprayed to remove a dint and was considering getting them fully smoothed but because of the side skirts going up the quarter panel i dont think it would look good as ive tried it in paint shop also.

I think something needs done with the bonnet can anyone help me there with some paint pro shop ideas???????????please??????????

I reckon thats a good odea bout putting the diesel in the 172 might just about even it up but i reckon the 172 would probably still win, lol.