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my excess is more than my insurance !!!

i have just renewed it on my valver for £414 f/c with elephant, i always thought the excess was £350.00, but as im in age group 21-24 its £450.00 !!!
(i opted for a voluntary £250.00 though, the 200.00 is statatury) i cant believe it !

when im 25 the excess goes down to £300.00, weird !
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f**kin hell mate............Im sure my excess isnt that much with elephant and im not in 21-24 year old bracket yet!!!

Il have to check!!!

its 200 regardless, plus ive always opted to pay a voluntery 250.00, i though it was 100.00 as standard, not 200.00 !!!
i couldnt believe it to be honest.
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Reckon loads of people are driving around with a bigger excess than they realise. Its always the mandatory additional excess that folk dont notice about.

Quote: Originally posted by Freebone on 09 June 2005

hell is that insurance really worth it with that much excess
i see what you saying, however elephant & admiral are by far the cheapest (most places (not all) have an excess of £350.00 any way)

im 25 this year, so it will drop to £300.00, plus im selling the valver soon & getting a fiat coupe 20v t, so the insurance will be more - i will have to pay the difference of about £300.00

Im 22 just got elephant to insure my new williams1 for £670, would have to shell out £500 excess if some thing happens but this would still be far cheaper then all other quotes I got of +2.5k. The way i see it is you take a risk with elephant but then they take risks with you giving you the initial low quotes,