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my first pc attempts

Iain C

ClioSport Club Member
well i used a PC on my fd and the lasses ka today.
Washed>clayed>poorboys 2.5>washed>Menzerna final finish> a wee buff with a micro cloth.
Was very impressed with the results.
It cleaned out loads of scuffs on the mazda and Ka.
I think im gonna hit the mazda with a poor boys 3 next as there is still some scuffing on the rear bumper.
The Mazda's front bumper hasnt been and you can see the difference.
Gonna do the clio tomorrow!


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  Formally Alex C
Go easy with the SSR 3. Don't use to much at a time and you will definately need to use speed 6 or the pad will clog reasonably quickly, as the machine will struggle to break the abrasives down effectively. It's a good polish though so sure you'll get some nice results :).


ClioSport Club Member
  Renaultsport 220T
I can't believe you were happy using all that expensive electricity!


Iain C

ClioSport Club Member
Pc attempt 3!
3 cars in 2 days! phew im tired!
The cup looks stunning tho


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  172, Tiguan
I spy a guy with to much time on his hands!

Clio looks great though. Hey i'm liking that front lawn.


ClioSport Club Member
  Renaultsport 220T
Iain C said:
Steve u calling me tight!! lol
I dont really have any good pic liquid sorry.
Thanks for the words alex.

As a nun's chuff! ;)

Looking good by the way.


Apart from those stickers. Get rid!