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My first Renault Sport...182 Cup FF


ClioSport Club Member
Hey guys I am back with another car!
Still have my other 2 which you can check the threads here:
My first car clio mk2 (interesting read):
My second car Golf Mk4 GTi (interesting also):

Heres my third car previously owned by @Samlam on here.

I have to finish the Golf and prepare the other clio (my first car) for sale. Will be advertised on here soon.
Anyways in the mean time I'll leave this here and get back to it when I can.


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  Megane 230 r26
Looks a bonny car mate love OZ F1s gunna try find a set myself as a set of track wheels, any more pics ?

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ClioSport Club Member
Looks a bonny car mate love OZ F1s gunna try find a set myself as a set of track wheels, any more pics ?

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Cheers mate!
Have more pics uploaded later tonight :smile: Also will be selling these alloys (5mm tread) if I can find OZ Ultralaggeras


ClioSport Club Member
  VW Golf GTD
Looks nice! Oz F1s look awesome, had some on my inferno when I had it.

Also it's a 182 with Cup packs otherwise know as 182FF no such things as a 182 cup FF
Im absolutely gutted now ive seen this, do look after it! Oz f1s are the perfect wheel for these in my opinion, especially when lowered on the cooksports which it is. 15s make tyres so cheap aswell. Such upset :(


ClioSport Club Member
First couple weeks of ownership and managed to cover a nice 600 miles so far.
Getting to grips with the fuel not to bad if I must say, considering I now drive half the speed limit everywhere.

Got round to stripping my first car to get the interior bits put into the 182 as I wasn't happy with the 182's interior. (dont have before picture :( )

Now all fitted into the 182


You will notice some holes in the lower center console which was because of some horrible (yet functional) cup holders which were crudely put there.

Like any french car its only a matter of time before the problems start lining up one by one.
The first minor issue that needed to be addressed was the faulty brake light in the spoiler. Suspected corrosion and boy was there a lot.


Beyond saving as the track within the PCB was bubbling so only option was to order a new one.
New one purchased and greased up before it goes in to make for easy removal for later and to reduce the scratching to the paint work.



New one fitted:

Switched up the rear tail lights to FK Automotive ones might not be to everyones taste but I think it really looks the part when accompanied with an RS badge (which I have and will be on shortly).

Nice and clean

Not fitted properly but fitted to the car.

Silvertec bulbs added

New, sort of carbon strut covers added


Engine bay is going to be completely overhauled at some point when I ever get around to finishing my Golf.

Also here's some unethical parking for you to look at:

DISCLAIMER: I was paying for a ticket at the machine where the pic was taken
Love this car on those wheels, it looks the business.

I'm another BG owner who longs after a set of those wheels but have to spend my pennies on new belts/dephaser and possibly some coilovers if I can find a good used set.


ClioSport Club Member
Literally not even 3 weeks in and...

Fortunately it was down to a injector going faulty. Managed to pick up a whole rail and a fuel rail cover (which I was missing for some reason) off @cs_dave which arrived today and I got straight to fitting.
Fuel Rail out

Old rail

New Rail all lubed up ready to go in

All back together and shes running like a dream feels so damn quick now!! :smiley:


ClioSport Club Member
The rear of the car is a let down currently, as the number plate has become rather faded allowing the adhesive strips to show through. This combined with the random array of Halfords Spec Renault badges doesnt compliment the rear of the car. So...

Got an RS badge and a new rear plate to tidy up the rear some.
To recap the rear of the car looks like this:

Removing the plate:

Removing the badges:

New Plate:

RS Badge installed this morning:



Much smarter now, although £40 for a badge is pretty steep lol.


ClioSport Club Member
Got one of my favourite quotes put on the plate. There are some errors in the message, font, capital I in 'If' and McRae is spelt without a capital R. I dont really mind though got half my money back.


ClioSport Club Member
Been a long while since I have updated this thread! A lot has happened since January...
Its been and interesting journey thus far, lets kick off with my Nurburgring trip I recently undertook in the car back in August.
The car had lots of upgrades including:
- EBC Blue Stuff Pads
- Powerflex Black Series bushes all over
- Fresh Service
- Refurbed OZ F1 with brand new Pilot Sport 3 all round
- Questionable decals
- Corbeau Buckets
This setup was perfect for a fast road car with great track capability!
Hopefully these pictures work as photobucket has been a bit iffy lately..

Arriving at Nurburg!

The gang all together at the media center

First lap on the track and.... BANG! Powersteering pump fails

Managed to get it to the end of the track before it decided to cut due to a engine earth issue...FML
Marshall's were supportive and allowed me to get a friend to tow it out.

The last time I'd see the car in Germany! Took almost a month to get it back.