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my first valver

Ive just bought a 93 williams blue valver and i have never been so impressed with a car. its pretty much standard appart from 16 inch white speedlines, k&n induction kit and an exaust system and the note it makes is like is in a different league to any other car i have ever had it is in imaculate condition with full service history and all receipts, it has done 8900 miles and is a snip at 1850 i think. pics to follow shortly.
  Clio 172 Cup, Eunos

I had a valver, a 95 m plate - got it with 60k - sold it at 97k - the 1st 18months were terrific - it just got better and better...but after 75/80k, stuff started going wrong - gearbox, stearing rack, rusty rear arches - big money stuff.

I think i made the mistake of using it as my main car, driving it to work everyday, then driving it on a night and a weekend - not good as a daily driver in my experience - but what a machine - it never failed to disapoint with all that power, and noise - never got bored of the car - just the amount of work it needed...ive just got rid, cos i came out of the petrol station one day and water was p1ssing out from the radiator, and started overheating - water boiled over too - think head cracked in the end - i did drive it HARD tho...

If your gonna buy one - take care of the beatch - !!