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My Late 2011 MacBook Pro


ClioSport Club Member
Interested to see how it goes mate. I wasn't sure whether to update it or not. What are the upsides and downsides?

My one runs perfectly. My missus is using a large dell external monitor which works with vga to thunderbolt without issue now and it runs perfect, just leaving the lid shut and suing mouse and keyboard.

I use it most nights and doesn't miss a beat.

So far the only noticable issue is that Chrome isn't working, i'm using firefox instead. On the upside I can now use my MS365 subscription on this device so for me it's a net win, is running a little slower so having ordered some RAM to take it from 4 > 8Gb should make a difference


ClioSport Club Member
ssd and 8 or 16 is still cheap fro such a good laptop.

I think I still use Chrome, more so for gmail and photos integration. I prefer Firefox overall but like my devices as sync'd as possible.


ClioSport Club Member
  A blue one.
Chrome is dogshit. It’s a processor hog on Mac.

EDID information (what you see in the display info telling you about the monitor) is simply an eeprom, it’s directly connected to the cable, your monitor can quite happily be dead but EDID still work fine. (Not saying that’s the case here, but EDID can be a red herring).

Crucial is owned by Micron, one of the largest semiconductor manufacturers of RAM....


ClioSport Club Member
Same as mine as well, I've got 16gb ram in mine as well.

SSD in the primary slot and the old HDD in the optical drive for extra storage

Is getting on a bit now so looking to upgrade, although it'll be to a windows machine as MBP prices now are stupid
Tempted fate with this.

It's now s**t itself, One of the graphics card is dead so it will work for a bit then screen crashes. Gutted as it's done me since I got it 9 years ago.

Have bought a 2013 to replace it, Faster CPU and a far higher spec of graphics so should be a decent replacement.

I then read up and realised I should of got a 2012 so I could still upgrade the drives and ram but hey Ho


ClioSport Club Member
Yeah 2012 was the last one. In fairness you can get a 2020 air for 900 quid these days!