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My Mean, Clean, 172 Machine - lots of photographs

Well I've owned this motor now for about 7 weeks, and what can I say, I love it! Hasn't been a drive yet where I haven't had a smile on my face. Picked it up from a garage in Manchester. It came with a Oreca decat, straight through pipe and a 4-1 manifold. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it, it wasn't perfect cosmetically due to it being 11 years old (2003) but I didn't mind putting it right, and I have a lot of plans for it!. Here are the pictures from the advert:



Had a wicked 2 hour drive back, but it was dark so I couldn't really have a play about when I got home. Here's some better pictures of it the next day as the advert ones were crap. So far all I had done is add the French flag onto the grill:



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After some thought I decided I wanted to start a color scheme because the silver needed breaking up in my opinion. On eBay I managed to buy a 2 meter sheet of 4D carbon fiber vinyl wrap. I'd never wrapped anything before, and I won't lie it was flipping hard to begin with, whereas I was thinking it would be a simple task. First I decided to do my interior dash inserts, and then went on to do my fog covers, rear bumper insert, front diamond and side bullets. To be honest it went pretty well after some trial and error, and if anyone is thinking about doing it, patience is the key! I will redo a couple of bits in the future when I get chance Here's some pics:

image-7.jpg Uploads/image-8.jpg.html?sort=3&o=21





I saw a clio on the forum a while back which had the clio sport flag decals on the side, and I thought they looked pretty good so decided to get some in a charcoal metallic grey. Probably marmite but for the moment I like them:


Haha just worried someones going to stamp on it and snap it off. Little pee-shooter

And I think it's an Oreca group N exhaust? Lovely raspy sounds. Sounds like a hornet in a jar. Will post some links from my youtube for you soon so you can hear, but they don't really do it justice.


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I spotted it in the lock up. Weird garage that! Got a very random mix of cars.

My mate stores his white Porsche GT3 in there - did you clock it?

Get some Eibach sportlines on that 172 and some OZ F1. Winner.
After a clean I went for a hilltop drive around Shropshire on the Welsh border. Sweet view up there and perfect roads:





Small world! Yeah well strange up there, had a walk all the way down the garage. They've pretty much got everything! Can't remember seeing your mates Porsche too many cars there to remember, but must have seen it.

It's on cooksports now and 15"s on order, just about to upload updates now, I'm slow at this lol never done it before.
After a week or two I was thinking of ways to try and make the front end look a bit meaner. I decided to wrap the bottom part of the bumper, underneath the grill to give it a more aggressive look, wrap the fog lights yellow and add a megane splitter. I didn't use lamin x, I got an A4 sheet of yellow light wrapping vinyl for £1 and it worked a treat, even though it took a bit of work to get it perfect. Removing the bumper was an absolute nightmare! didn't realize what I was getting myself into. It took me about 3 hours to get it off lol, as I didn't really have the right tools, and one bolts did not want to come loose! So after some pulling, swearing and ripping my hands to shreds I got it off! Let me know what you think, it's different but I love it. Reminds me of the focus kind of aggressive look:

Seeing if the vinyl was the right length:


The finished product :) better pics on the way!

After a few weeks of owning it, it sunk in that it was on stilts! Although I didn't feel the ride was that bad at all, it needed lowering just a tad. These pictures show how high it looks on standard springs. Could land a plane in that arch gap:


Doesn't look too bad from the back though (could do with spacers though):


First of all I ordered Apex 40mm lowering springs, but after reading all the negative feedback on here, and due to me living in the countryside for the summer, they were sent straight back, box untouched. Then my Cooksport springs were ordered, and put straight on, as I know they give a nice drop almost like the Apex's without substituting the comfort too much. Sorry about picture quality, only had my phone to hand. (Roads round here are full of pot holes you see):

Front's on:


Rear's on:


BOOM! Fly swatting machine!





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Not too keen on the front bumper but looks a nice clean car, get a video up of that exhaust.


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Good updates so far, only couple of things im not overly keen on is the decals on the rear 1/4 and the front bumper wrap.

I have the same exhaust, its a trip hazard! Haha
A couple of days ago went for a spin up to Clee Hill with my mate. Awesome up there, loads of quarry's and old ruined buildings. Mad view, must have been able to see for at least 60 miles. Had a right laugh up there. Car was popping and banging like mad. It seems to be that when I put 95 unleaded in it doesn't agree with it very well, but runs sweet as a nut on 97. Shame car wasn't clean!:






My favorite, shame its filthy!:

Here is a list of work so far which has been carried out on the car:

-New Drive Shaft
-New Drivers Side Wing Mirror (was taped on when car was bought)
-Megane Splitter Fitted
-Front Driver's Side Alloy Swapped With Spare As Was Kerbed
-Fog's Wrapped Yellow
-Wide Mouth (Bumper Wrapped Below Grill)
-Carbon Wrapped Diamond, Bullets, Bumper Insert, Dash Inserts, Key, Fog Covers
-Lowered On Cooksport Springs
-Cliosport Flag Decals
-Dents Removed From Bonnet
-New Floor Mats
-Sony CD Unit Fitted
To do list:

-Fit 15" Alloys (on order) Went For Ford Graphite Grey :)
-Wind Deflectors
-Add To Color Scheme (was thinking some yellow)
-Maybe Flock Dash
-Spray Grill's, And Splitter Black To Freshen It Up
-Get Spacers
-Remove "Renault" And "Sport" Badges. Replace "Clio" Badge With New Style RS Badge

I've got lots of other ideas floating about, so will add to the list as I go along.
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Not as far as I know mate, HPI clear but you never know. I wondered why my bulbs wernt't bright. Would it just be a case of buying new bulbs to add to brightness?
Not as far as I know mate, HPI clear but you never know. I wondered why my bulbs wernt't bright. Would it just be a case of buying new bulbs to add to brightness?
In some of the earlier shots, it shows the car has the standard Xenons, then in your most recent shots it shows that the car has the standard halogens.

stop it with this s**t. maby his uncles aunties pet goat whos da used to work for the RAC gave it a clean bill of health?
FLOL, that was comedy.. IIRC we were waayyyy of the mark with that.
Don't have a clue mate. Someone must have robbed them while I was sleeping ;). When I picked up the car they said there was a problem with the headlights so they had to replace something. Maybe this lead to them putting standard halogens in? Ill add xeons to the list then!
This yours? Very nice. Don't worry like I've said graphite grey 15"s are on the way! Can't wait to get them on.
I'm planning to do the same thing with the front bumper. I really like it :)
Thanks mate, haven't really seen it done either so at least it's different (seen one other example after searching), and I think it makes it look waaaaay more aggressive. Do it!
Thanks mate, haven't really seen it done either so at least it's different (seen one other example after searching), and I think it makes it look waaaaay more aggressive. Do it!
Yeah I was toying with the idea in photoshop last year but waiting for the summer to do it. I'm gonna do the back bumper and door pillars at the same time.