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My megane R26

  Nimbus R26r
Thought I would post a thread up of my car as im quite happy with it now and have done afew things to it, afew people on here have asked for a full spec etc so thought I'd bung this up.

The car was originally purchased after my 182 was having problems, test drove the megane while warranty work was being carried out and never picked the clio up again. Insurance was very similar as well to the clio despite being 19 at the time.

The car was originally a renault press car and has been in afew videos and magazines.

First things first, being a detailer I was itching to get the car up to scratch and ready for my first fcs so A detailing session commenced.

The car has had nearly every wax and sealant in the world applied :) but think I will be sticking with the current stuff.

First changes where the exhaust. Heard a local guy on meganesports exhaust and thought hmmm jet sound is cool. So went to the same guy at powerflow who is extremely good and had a backbox chop done. Makes a lovely noise but looks completely standard.


When detailing another R26 I realised I had the old style gearknob so sourced a newer one and nicked the insert.



Then got the full forge pipe set and an itg filter.



A cheap custom intercooler came up from meganesport so I bought that and added a caf at the same time.

Then had the offer of a photoshoot so took the guys offer up, very pleased with the results.






Ktech added there cage to their site, within 2 hours I had ordered it (don't think they were expecting that)
This turned up after a few weeks after painted and couldn't wait to get it fitted.


Also had 2 spare r26 wheels for the car so put some michs on these and were using them as track wheels.

Then after seeing some superb work on a dash I took the plunge and got a friend to cover my dash. I really love this modification, completely changes the interior for me and makes it so much nicer.



Also fitted one of pauls renaultsport brackets and a modus aerial.

Warped my set of discs so as I was intending on doing afew trackdays got some 2 peice discs done.




Saw a guy on meganesport was looking at selling up and sent him an offer for his engine cover and he accepted with a swap for mine so bunged this on it.


Thought I was all finished for a while but a friend started selling afew bits. So I bought a custom centre box and had this put on, made a nice noise, quite bassy but lost the scream. Then bought his custom rear chopped pipes. Jesus these are incredible, look similar to my old box chop apart from the tips but sounds so different, I love it, always puts a smile on my face.


Also picked up some original compomotive test wheels, renault were originally going to put these on the megane sports but price was a little on the high side, so decided against them.

When I picked the alloys up they were quite curbed, silver and had 2 ok tyres. So hunted down 1 goodyear eagle f1 gsd3 and another dunlop sp sport. I did want to put r888s or similar on but with the 2 tyres on them nearly new seemed like a waste. Had them refurbed in dark anthracite with heavy flake just in time for fcs.



This still leaves me with 6 r26 wheels with tyres. So the comps are going to be track wheels.

Some stuff is missing, like the seat plate stickers, full led light conversion, including ultra bright reverse lights, seem like xenon headlights. Pioneer speakers and had few more bits covered inside.

Then it remained the same for afew weeks then:

Bit later than planned but had afew other bits done.
Wheels, with the hel lines visible.


Then something that had been bugging me for some time. Got my friend to cover my glovebox as it was abit uneven on the passenger side. Got it back last night, so happy really finishes it off for me.







Still got afew other bits planned but thats it for now.
I actually love this.

I got a few decent shots of it at FCS too.

But the shoot pics are awful, HDR is overdone and it doesn't work for any of those shots.


ClioSport Club Member
  Black Gold 182FF
Very nice Megane, not sure if I like the new alloys though! The orginal multi-spoke looked nice but its all down to personal taste :approve: Keep us posted!
  RS Megane 225F1
Lovely pics...

Yours isn't the one on youtube is it ??? seen a pic similar to the exhaust above on meganesport with a vid too and thought it must be you ?

Reason being I think it sounds the t1tties and want to know exactly what size pipe you use at the back after having your backbox cut out ? i'm going to get mine done and would love it to sound like the one on youtube..... lots.....
  Coupe/Defender V8
It sounds like god taking a steamy piss...awesome. Can hear it from inside my ph1 on the go, and that's not exactly quiet either! Tis mental
  Nimbus R26r
Moved to the right section now :rasp: thanks jon

Bob I have had some vids of it up before but removed them, the sound is to hard to capture on camera although I will keep trying.

This video was the first change on the exhaust and is just a straight backbox chop with original pipes sounds good.
[youtube]<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>[/youtube]
  Nimbus R26r
Thanks sounds alot better now, will def get some vids.

Got some pictures of the reverse lights tonight, super bright can actually see where im going :cool:



ah maybe not then, i know a guy called rikki with a car similar to this, but hes not from around there i dont think
  Nimbus R26r
pretty much at the moment, it's definately a quick one though as I can easily pull on my mates standard one and keep with it running stage 2 till silly figures.


ClioSport Club Member
Very nice. Standard wheels look 100x better though. those HDR shots are gash too, i'd be asking for the originals.