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My Mk1 172

  Clio Mk1 172

Yea im goona keep the bodywork and wheels as standard....thats how they shud be i rekon! although i might get a full exhaust system for it soon


Aye keep the exterior standard, get engine mods! Although having said that, Ive got mk2 172 lights on mine and some 1.2 badges shortly.

Get some decent pics tho man!
  2005 Impreza WRX STI

seem quite common at the moment, mk1s! lol everyone seems to be selling them! dont no why,they lovely cars! looks nice mate
  Clio Mk1 172

Around where i live i dont see that many and the ones i have seen have been the ones in iceberg silver....ive only seen one around here in the same titanium silver as mine