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My New 182

Finally got around to taking some picture of mine :D Had it just over a week and loved every moment so far.
Currently has:
Cup Suspension Pack
Miltek Cat-Back
Pipercross panel filter
Silver capped indicator bulbs
Recaros from a Trophy (Thus has "proper" spec back seats)
Short shift
Boot net
98 RON Remap
Aero Wipers

Mechanically it's in perfect shape for ~70K Miles. Had the belts done a year ago (5K miles), has fairly new brakes and tyres, FRSH too. Hasn't had the de-phaser done but it's still quiet on idle so is fine for now.

I looked at so many and this was in the best nick with the most boxes ticked! Only thing it's missing is the aero cup pack... Might do that myself, other than that all I need to do is get a re-trimmed wheel.

For the moment I'm just enjoying it, after moving on from my 106GTi.

Novelty of having Air-Con/Cruise Control still hasn't worn off!
  Renault Sport 172CUP
I want your seats :) Rebuilding my 172 as we speak, I'm in Bristol most evenings too! Should have a meet when mines finished :)
Yea one of the main reasons I bought it! Recaros were definitely something I wasn't going to compromise on when I was shopping. Happily this car gave me the best of both worlds having had a swap rather than the optional seats from the factory.

Always up for a meet, there are quite a few 172s / 182s around Bristol, I've been flashed by a few who I presume are members on here...
  pimp mobile Zafira
Looks very nice mate. Best colour too, not that I'm biased. What's a 98 Ron map by the way? I may be being slack here but these cars are already mapped for 98 Ron. Looks good anyway.
  PB Clio 172
yeah same whats a 98 RON re map ?

car looks good but does look a lil out of place without the cup splitter
98 ron, means it is mapped to be ran on like super unleaded the 98 octane stuff, the devil juice that runs through high performace cars lol ( at least i think thats what it means :S )
I'm pretty sure put Eibach springs on it but I've not had a chance to take the wheels off and have a look.

Either way it's ALOT stiffer than my 106GTi !!
So I bought a cup spoiler which should hopefully turn up over the weekend :D

Not sure if it's going to need re-spraying or not yet though. If it does I'll send it off with my Bullets to SprayShack. I intend to get my bullets smoothed and the lettering done in Liquid Yellow, which I hope will look as good as I think it will!

Also putting in an order to K-Tech for Gloss Black Carbon splitter and the new K-Tech induction kit :D

Only thing left to do then is get my steering wheel re-trimmed in black with yellow stitching and it should be where I want it. Who's best on here for wheels?
So my bullets turned up this morning

Just waiting for the rain to stop so I can fit them!

Fitted my cup spoiler last week too which looks loads better. Also have the Richbrook alloy gear knob with lift-up reverse fitted too. Bit of ICE in the boot which is properly tidy after attacking it with a few cable ties!

Now just need to get a Carbon splitter from K-Tech, along with matched inlets, KTR induction kit, remove the acoustic valve, Whiteline rear ARB, replace the bushes with Powerflex ones, get KTR solid top mounts, get my wheel re-trimmed with yellow stiching, MAYBE get the dash parts sprayed LY and finally fit some braided brake lines.

Not really sure what else to do beyond that! Tempted to supercharge it (Would rather have the low end torque), but don't really want to lose the Aircon! What to do.....