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My new carbon bonnet has arrived :D

  Civic Type -R FN2
here she is, the holes drilled for the washer jets are not big enough for the pipes so i just got to make them bit bigger doh.

Im loving how well it goes with the black though :)





Comments positive or negative welcome :)

p.s i got new cliosport number plates too.
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  Lots of Alfas
Looks really good, bet it looks a lot better in real life. That car would look great with some double optic lights.
Not bad, subtle.

Those orange side repeaters really need to be shown the door, and i would ditch those Dare V2s and get some racier looking wheels, then slam it!
  Civic Type -R FN2
i got it off ebay cause im poor. Im hunting for twin optics as we speak mate lol, i think it looks naff with those lights. Quite hard to find the twin optics...
  Civic Type -R FN2
clio buyer got some clear sideys on the way soon as i send him the cash and i been think about getting 15s, i like the pro race 1s

just got no money now spent it all on the bonnet
  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2
Looks good Ruff. I wouldn't spoil it with the plates - I can't stand them. Instead, some double optics, clear repeaters, lowered with some nicer wheels. Will look good mate :)
  Chocolate Bar™
i was gonna suggest some smoked repeaters as ive got a set in the garage ;)

think if your going for carbon it really has to be on a black car, or something totally bonkers. but especially love the way the mk2 ph1 carbons are debadged as it really tidies the front end up :)
  UR R26R.5, VW Golf R
Really like the look of carbon bonnets. Its usually best shown off an a different coloured car to the carbon, but that looks sweet :)