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My new Clio!! (sexual content inside!!!)


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
Had this about a week or so now. Love it!

I've made a couple of changes since i bought it: Moved the harnesses off the floor, Alpine CD player, black ariel instead of silver....

Oh, and New engine coming soon!!!

This is how it stands after 4 (FOUR!) coats of wax.....

Cheers! :)









ClioSport Club Member
  RS6+ & 40d MSport X5
nice.. who owned it before.. sure av seen it on here with they awful headlights!
  "Navy" N17 TWO
Lovely wee motor! :)
I like the angels, suit the Mk1 Clio's 10x more than the Mk2's as they aren't piled on top of eachother
  Mk1 Clio F4R'd
i like the headlight, not sure if black ones would look better though. But very clean motor! I want my rear stripped out but keep my sub. Any idea if that carpeting was done by a professional or the previous guy did it himself?
nice dan!!

looks fooking mint!!

i want another mk1 :( lol

the headlights arent that bad, have seen worse

plus if the lights are the worst thing about it i dnt think dan has much to complain abt
The only combo i like mk1's in for some reason - that colour with dark ish williams wheels. Standard headlights as said and its spot on
  Stagecoach Ticket
haha everyone on here smashs anything that is not standard, i dnt mind the angle eyes think they look loads better on mrk 1s. standard lights would only look good if they were brand new and gleaming like the rest of the car.

Looks very nice
  ph1 172
Apparently, In an accident they can compress the spine if they are mounted below shoulder level. Apparently.

anything would be better than where they are mounted in those pictures, off to the side they look ridiculous.